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iCloud storage-new operating system for Apple devices

Updated on June 14, 2011

Apple introduces new storage and icloud OS for iPhone, Mac and iPads.

Steve Jobs on Monday announced a new service called "icloud" which allows owners of Apple products to save documents, and music from the Internet, instead of hard drive of your computer or mobile phone.

"This is a cloud, as it should be automatic and effortless. Icloud is seamlessly integrated into applications, so the user can use the content of each unit"

Consumers can use the part icloud iTunes now, but only if the IOS version of 4.3. The remaining features are all available in the fall.

The new mobile operating system is also the debut of a new application called IMessage. It allows the iPhone and iPod Touch users iPad can send text, photos, videos and messages to each other without having to pay taxes associated with cellular carrier with subtitles.

New picture of application also allows users to edit the photos on a flight of functions already available in many software developers to simulate application.

mobile operating system also integrates with Twitter, allowing users to tweet photos from your camera to your cards and applications.

icloud save images up to 30 days, and mobile devices in 1000 to save the final image. Users can save only 5 gigabytes of documents, which is higher than some competitors can afford. And the music was purchased from the iTunes Store, Apple, Apple users pay $ 25 a year, are synchronized.


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