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iJoy Ottoman Foot and Calf Massager gives a Human Touch

Updated on November 8, 2013

Long days if standing on your feet can leave you exhausted by evening. Serious medical conditions can result from poor circulation in the lower extremities.

A good foot massage is nice but it is often difficult to find someone in the household to give you one. The iJoy Ottoman could be your best friend in this situation. When not in the massage mode you have a nice ottoman to rest your feet on.

The iJoy Ottoman has the human touch. Even the back of your calves get the benefit of the strong motor inside. Just like fingers kneading the muscles up and down your lower leg you get the relaxation and increased circulation that you would get from a personal masseuse. Time is saved by both legs getting the treatment at the same time.


There is no need to have an expensive massage chair to use the iJoy Foot and Calf Massager. It is free standing so it will work with most any chair that you already own. Unlike the handheld robotic massagers the iJoy Ottoman lets you relax while receiving your foot and calf massage. The massage is three dimensional – meaning that both sides of your legs, the back of your calves are being massaged.

The iJoy Ottoman is portable enough that it could travel with you to the office. Taking a road trip – take the iJoy with you. It is adjustable so it can be used with most any chair.


The massaging action causes the blood from your feet and lower legs to rise. Leg pain is often caused because the blood flow from your feet and lower legs is not strong enough to return blood to the heart. Blood clots can form and if they break loose a stroke could be the result. On a lesser note – leg and foot pain may occur.

There are two pre-set programs built into the iJoy Ottoman – each lasting for 15 minutes. You can choose other programs and settings. The iJoy Ottoman also comes with a choice of three different fabrics as well as multiple colors.

There may be one problem if you are the owner of the iJoy Foot and Calf Massager – you may not want to get up once you sit down and get relaxed.  


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    • killrats profile image

      killrats 7 years ago from Cape town South Africa

      I could use the foot massage and I guess most of the chairs as well.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      My mother has a super-duper chair that does everything, but marry you. It rolls, massages, thumps, vibrates, and heats every part of your earth-side body... From your feat to your head. It is a joy to use! Thanks for another great hub!