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iLap Laptop Stand Adjusts to Lap and Desk

Updated on March 15, 2011

iLap by Rain Design

The iLap by Rain Design puts the lap back into laptop. Heat should not ruin the experience when all you want is to do is escape from your desk for a while. Sweating legs are distracting and in extreme cases bare skin can be burned if the laptop gets too hot. Skin may not be the only casualty – the components inside of a laptop will cease to function if over time the heat gets too high.

Laptop Desks are Designed to keep you and your Laptop Cooler

Depending on your needs there are numerous laptop desks to choose from. Some have fans built in that operate through a free USB port on your laptop. Others have open spaces that let the heat pass though. Those that are most portable are flat and probably fold in the center. If comfort is most important there could be a full cushion attached to the base.

iLap is Designed for Comfort and Durability

The iLap is constructed from aluminum. The base is solid except for the rain drop hole signifying Rain Design. There is a padded swivel arm at the back of the iLap and a wrist cushion at the front.

The overall design allows you to sit in any position and have the iLap adjust to you. A soft black fabric permanently cushions the back swivel arm. The front edge has a removable cushion made from the same black fabric. With the front cushion removed there is a soft strip of fabric that lines the underneath edge of the iLap. It can be described as the soft side of Velcro.

As the iLap sits on your lap the back swivel arms adjusts to your body. You could be in a chair with your legs straight in front of you. My favorite position is leaning back in my recliner, my feet on the leg rest and my knees in front of me. You may like to sit on the floor with your legs crossed. It does not matter. The iLap is designed to provide air space between your lap and the bottom of your laptop.

iLap is a Laptop Stand

The iLap can also be used as a desk laptop stand. The front cushion can removed if you like or it can stay attached as a wrist rest. The back of the laptop will be elevated approximately 2.5 inches.

There are rubber feet stuck onto the surface of the iLap to give your laptop a little more grab. The wrist cushion also acts as a bumper for the front of a laptop.

iLap 12, 13, 13W, 14, 15, 15W, 17, 17W

The size of your laptop will determine the size iLap you need. The iLap is designed to be used with the Apple Macbook and the Macbook Pro laptops. For those of us that own other laptop models there are iLap Laptop Desks that will accommodate our laptops as well.


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