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iPad Exercise Bike Mount - Ipad Fitness Cycle Holders and Cradles

Updated on February 24, 2012

The Apple ipad is the perfect gym companion for keeping you entertained and motivated whilst you workout. To use it on an exercise bike you will need to be able to mount it in some way as it's not going to be comfortable to sit there holding it as you pedal away. That's where an iPad exercise bike mount comes in handy.

iPad Mounts For Exercise Bikes and Spinning Bikes

Despite how useful these devices are when you are working out, it's still not all that easy to find a good iPad holder for an exercise bike or spinner. The best option, which also happens to be an excellent mount thankfully, comes from RAM right now who are well regarded as one of the best producers of mouting kits for all sorts of applications.

iPad holders for exercise bikes provide you with a way to use your tablet computer hands free while you work out. The way there are designed, as typically as rail mounts. makes them equally useful for use on a boat, motorcycle, street bike or anywhere else where there is a handlebar or handrail to mount the device on to.

The RAM iPad mount featured on this page uses a swivel ball mount which means you can adjust the screen to either portrait or landscape view without a problem. It also allows you to tilt the screen to avoid glare and provide the optimal viewing angle. Both these things are an essential part of any adjustable iPad mount for spinning bikes or exercise machines.

Why Use An iPad Exercise Bike Holder?

Working out can be pretty dull without some for of entertainment to keep your mind distracted. Many people position their home exercise bikes so they are in front of a TV screen so they can watch television and movies. Or they read a book or listen to music...or both at the same time. An iPad attached to an exercise bike does all those things AND allows you to position the bike anywhere you choose!

If you want to read a book or a magazine, you can access any of the thousands of ebooks out there and do so through one of the ereader apps. Magazines and newspapers are delivered wirelessly too, same deal, or you can go browse around any of your favorite websites, check email, facebook or twitter.

Why not combine work with your workout? An exercise bike iPad mount gives you the opportunity to read through daily emails, browse documents, stock prices and so on while you cycle. You can study this way too and an electronic version of a big bulky textbook is much easier to handle on any gym machine than its physical counterpart.

A good exercise cycle iPad caddy will allow you to mount landscape or portrait so you can read books or watch movies and online videos. Stream a show through Hulu, watch YouTube clips or access Netflix streaming movies on your device mounted to an exercise bike iPad stand.

The entertainment options start to stretch out before you when you really sit down and start to think about it. Fitness machines can get boring, fast, but not when you have an exercise machine iPad mount and all the thousands of entertainment options that brings.


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