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iPad Stands

Updated on June 17, 2010

Which iPad stand should i buy?

Now that i have my iPad (reviewed here) and its screen is nicely protected (also reviewed), i have decided i would like to spend yet more hard earned cash on a stand. There is no particular reason for this other than that they look cool and i can watch movies on the iPad without trying to hold it at the best angle for a couple of hours.

I have seen most of these in the flesh, although some i've only spotted online. These are the stands that caught my eye:


Macally Viewstand

This simple stand is actually a four way device, allowing you to rest your iPad either horizontally or vertically on it. The design is simple compared to some, but it feels well made, and as it's aluminium it's light enough to carry round with your iPad in a bag. Access to the connections of the iPad is easy when it's in place, and it comes with a little support stand to stop everything toppling over.

Kickstand Adjustable Holder

This stand can not only hold an iPad, but thanks to its adjustable legs it can also hold an iPhone too! It's a tripod type design which will either sit happily on a desk, or can be handheld by its back leg. It is made of plastic and aluminium alloy so it's very light, and as the legs all fold in towards each other it's very portable too. This is ideal for people that want to carry all of their iPad gizmos around with them. Its available in pure white (looks good) or matt black.


iPad A-Frame

This is the simplest and easiest to use of the stands i looked at. It does exactly what it's designed for without any design fireworks like the items above. But it is robust and well made, with a high quality finish. If you don't want to spend megabucks on something you really don't see that much, this is for you.

GSI Desktop Dock

Bit of a cheat this one. It is a stand, but its really a docking station which will charge your iPad at the same time. This is the cheapest of the stands i looked at but i really can't see why. It's just not as beautiful to look at as some of the others.Again it's quality is high and the iPad is very stable when locked in position.Recommended.


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    • jondav profile image

      jondav 7 years ago

      I disagree, it's nothing like a laptop, and isn't intended to be. Laptops can do more for sure, but these type of devices are not far behind.

    • profile image

      badboy log 7 years ago from brooklyn ny

      personally i wouldnt get one its bisically a laptop