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iPad features that will make your life easier

Updated on May 2, 2010

The iPad is the tablet product created by Apple to simplify the life of users that want to use the web and stay connected all the time.

The new smart phones, including the iPhone, have provided people with new ways to communicate and have fun. The iPhone, for example, has become a great success that has brought millions of people in contact with useful applications.

Now, Apple wants to extend even further the experience of the iPhone. With its large screen and better processor, the iPad is the ideal device to users that want a better mobile experience.

Better Screen

The first feature of the iPad that is making everyone interested is the large screen size. Compared to other devices with its small screen real estate, the iPad provides the best viewing experience. It is a 9 inches screen that make it much easier to watch movies, surf the web, and interact with applications.

The larger size of the iPad screen also makes it much easier to play games.

More Applications

With the improved capacity of the iPad, it will be much easier to create truly useful applications. While there are several thousands of applications available for the iPhone, with the iPad this number will increase dramatically.

It is much easier to creates apps for a larger screen, because you can add more information and functionality. Users will fell that such applications are worth more and will spend more time interacting with them.

More Memory

It doesn't matter if you can install thousands of application but you don't have memory to use them. That is why Apple added more memory to the iPad, so that users can have a complete experience. With the iPad, one can get performance similar to a laptop, while retaining the simplicity of the iPhone -- information at your fingertips.

With the additional memory and processor capacity of the iPad you can play games, surf the web, edit documents and spreadsheets with easy, in a comfortable interface. I really got impressed by the capacities of such a tiny device that I can carry in the subway and use at any time.

eBook Reader

Another advantage of the iPad is that you can use it also as a book reader. In this way, the iPad can take the place of the Kindle or the Nook. You don't need to carry a separate device to read books and surf the web. The same device will give you the power to do both things.

The iTunes store already gives you access to thousands of books that can be downloaded immediately. You can also use the Amazon store to download books, as I do frequently.


Using the iPad is a great surprise -- finally somebody created something more powerful than an iPhone that can be used everywhere, without the hassle of a normal computer or laptop. I am super happy with the iPad. You should consider one as a super charged productivity and entertainment portable center.

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