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iPhone 3GS: 5 Cool Red Cases

Updated on March 13, 2011

If you carry an iPhone 3G chances are you like to stand out in a crowd. So, why would you choose a ho-hum case when you could carry a red one? Cases for the iPhone 3G are abundant but there are still a few that you have probably never seen. Honestly, it is perfectly acceptable to have a fun case as well as one that would be carried in a more formal setting.

What SHould You Look for in an iPhone Case?

Functionality is important. Always choose an iPhone 3G snap on case that allows the usage of all controls. Be sure that an iPhone 3G pouch type case secures well to your waist band, belt or bag.

What are Some Choices of iPhone Cases?

The Gogo iPhone 3G case is made from polycarbonate. Several layers of color are used both on the outside and on the inside so that scratches are kept to a minimum. If a scratch does occur the color is deep enough to camouflage it. The Gogo case is very lightweight and adds very little bulk to the iPhone 3G. “Applehead” refers to the little guy on the back where the Apple logo shows through.

The Prima Crocodile Embossed Red Leather Lateral Case is one that attaches to your waistband, belt or bag. The color is rich and one claim to fame is that the headphone jack is available even when the iPhone is tucked inside. I carry my iPhone 3G in a lateral case. My iPhone is always at my fingertips and I do not have to run to my purse each time it rings. My Bluetooth headset allows me to always be within range and hands free when answering and while talking my iPhone.

The Safari Leather Horizontal Pouch iPhone 3G case is another one that attaches to a waistband, belt or bag. It is made of soft red and black leather designed with a zebra stripe affect. The iPhone is held securely with the magnetic flap whether you are running, walking or just sitting around. It is always at your side.

The SwitchEasy Rebel Case is not only unique but it is one that can be mixed and matched depending on your mood. The red and black is very noticeable and can be carried by both male and female iPhone lovers. There is a Soft Polymer inner lining case that is then partially covered by a glossy polycarbonate finger-like case. Multiple “fingers” can be changed out with the red hence making the iPhone look completely different.

Textra iHug Leather Holder Case for the iPhone 3G has to be one of the most unusual iPhone 3G cases. It is made of shiny patent leather with a soft inside lining. You probably think that it is pretty tame so far - right? This case literally hugs your iPhone 3G. Not only speaking in the “fit” sense but in the literal sense as well. It resembles a little “you” hugging your iPhone. I am not sure how practical this case is – but it is cute.

Gogo iPhone 3G Case
Gogo iPhone 3G Case
Crocodile Embossed Red Leather Lateral Case for iPhone
Crocodile Embossed Red Leather Lateral Case for iPhone
Safari Leather Horizontal Pouch   for iPhone
Safari Leather Horizontal Pouch for iPhone
SwitchEasy Rebel for iPhone
SwitchEasy Rebel for iPhone
iHug Red Leather Holder Case for iPhone
iHug Red Leather Holder Case for iPhone

What to do When You Cannot Choose

Regardless of how you like to protect your iPhone it is reasonable to want a change now and then. Fortunately the cost of most cases is very reasonable so have a spare will not cost you much.


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