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New iPhone in Canada

Updated on April 12, 2013

If you're like me, you're probably wondering the exact details about the iPhone 4S release in Canada. When is it going to be released? What carriers will the iPhone 4S support in Canada? Getting iPhone news for Canada seems to be fairly difficult. Canada has always gotten the backseat when it came to iPhone releases, however, with the iPhone 4S this seems to have all changed. We were actually prioritized along with the 6 or so other countries for the initial release! Yes, on October 14th, we are in fact getting the iPhone 4S. Whether we're getting imessenger and siri and all that other stuff at the same time I'm still not sure about, but we most likely are. I'll update this as I find out more about it.

What Carriers in Canada will have the iPhone 4S?

Canadians Rejoice! So far, Rogers, Bell, Virgin, Fido and Telus have all confirmed that they will be carrying the iPhone 4S. Rogers was obvious since they have been carrying the iPhone since the beginning, Bell was to be expected as well, but Telus is a nice surprise. It's good to see that Apple is using the same marketing techniques here in Canada as they are in the USA. Since the iPhone supports both GSM and CDMA a lot more people can buy iPhones, and with that they won't have to worry about additional roaming charges and such when they travel.

Since Apple pricing is standard, the same prices will apply to the 3 options:

  • 16GB - $169
  • 32GB - $269
  • 64GB - $369

Some things to note here are that yes, iPhone prices are actually cheaper in Canada this time around as opposed the release of the iPhone 4 last year, and the iPhone 4s itself in the USA, where it's $30 more for each model. Canada will also have the unlocked 4S available right off the bat whereas in the US it won't be available until November.

Whatever the companies decide to charge as Upgrade fees and such has yet to be determined. If your contract hasn't aged over 2 years yet you can expect something along the lines of $20 for each remaining month, or paying the remainder of your phone.

Siri Not Working Properly In Canada

As of right now, Siri is unable to answer questions regarding weather or directions in Canada. When asked to find nearest McDonald's it simply replies "Sorry I can't look for restaurants in Canada." When asked if it's raining tomorrow, it replies "Sorry I don't seem to be able to get weather information right now. Please try again later." Weather this problem will be fixed any time soon or not isn't known yet. I'm assuming they'll start working fairly soon but Siri is still fairly useful for searching things on google or following commands. In a nutshell, all Location Services and GPS related tasks can't be done by Siri in Canada as of now.


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