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iPhone 6 phablet will reportedly look more like an iPhone 5c than an iPhone 5s

Updated on March 13, 2014

Dear Apple Lovers,

iPhone 6 is on its way to us. So I was just reading this news article with a whole bunch of specs about how they are going to change iPhone 5 a bit like give it some aluminum case or whatever, but really we all should be on the lookout for iPhone 6. It is coming some time this year so buy Apple stock now before it is too late. You know the story. Every time Apple comes out with an iPhone, its stock goes up through the roof. Good luck to all the adrenaline junkies out there and me being one of you!

Did I mention that this is the year I am going to finally quit my job? How would you say I am going to do such a thing? Well, to be quiet honest I am not entirely certain myself. However, I do hope that through a combination of stock strategy and hopefully business ownership I will be able to say goodbye to my boss.

Today we had an issue with the train lines and I took off the whole day of work. How very unfortunate for my boss and how great for me. So this is what the good life feels like. It is so cold outside and I still do not make enough money to be able to afford delivery so I may actually have to go out in this cold weather. I might make an exception today though.

I have been sick lately and not trying to get any more sick before going to work. You see my boss believes that I am a personal slave and live only to serve them. So there is not really too much flexibility with days off or anything like that.

I cannot wait for the arrival of Spring. I really do much better in warmer weather. Although it is not good when it is too hot either.

Well, the aluminum case for the iPhone is a good idea. However, if the phone sucks I am not going to buy it just for the case and plus I believe that it is overpriced as it is. Also, when is Apple going to become smart enough to actually create a keyboard for their so called smart phone?

Feel free to comment about your thoughts on the iPhone models 5 and 6. Till next time.


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