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iPhone Space App

Updated on April 6, 2011

Kinds of iPhone Space App

Whither you want to explore a fictional space, or just know a little more about the sky above you, there are some fantastic iPhone space apps to turn your iPhone in to an interstellar information and gaming device.

Using an iPhone space app you can visit alien galaxies, fighting off your enemies, trading with different star systems, or exploring vast universes. If your space-bound desires are a little more earthly, you can find out plenty more about the star systems around the Earth itself, and its companion solar system.

I will be including a few great iPhone space apps in this article to let you find the very best of the extra terrestrial with your earthbound iPhone!

iPhone Space Apps
iPhone Space Apps

Why Buy an iPhone Space App?

There is plenty of software out there already for PC's and similar which let you explore the vast reaches of space.  This medium is however limited, the iPhone adds some great portable technological advances with things such as Augmented Reality, GPS location tracking, and on the move connection to the latest information about the world above you!

Take a look at some of the iPhone space apps below to see just how much can be done with the powerful iPhone technology.


The Traveller-AR iPhone space app provides more than just a simple iPhone space game. With it's in depth game-play, and one of the few iPhone MMORPG games on the market, this location aware MMO takes iPhone gaming to the new level. Not only that, but with augmented reality, you can literally fight trade and interact with ships and planets hovering over the surface of Earth!

Traveller-AR is still in beta, but it is by far one of the most enthralling iPhone games I have played in a long long time!

Space Invaders

This might be an oldie, but this game is still a great pick up and play entertaining space game. Battle waves of alien invaders in an attempt to rack up an unbeatable score!

There are various space invader games available on the iPhone App Store, so make sure you read the reviews to pick up on the best deal!

NASA iPhone Space App

The NASA iPhone App is filled with everything to mission information and real-time mission tracking, to photographs from space and other space information. The NASA iPhone space app is a must download for any space nut who loves to find out more about the universe!

The sheer amount of information on the NASA iPhone app might appear to be a little overwhelming, but it is well organized so that you can find what you want about an infinite universe!

Sky Safari

Ever wanted to impress a girl with the names of the constellations? Sky Safari can feed you that information and help you navigate the universe from the earth's skyline. Not only that, but you can also find out some statistical facts, as well as some astrological info to give you a well rounded knowledge about what ou are looking at.

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

Pocket Universe Virtual Sky Astronomy goes one step further than Sky Safari. With Virtual Sky Universe you can hold your iPhone up to the sky, and using augmented reality you can overlay information about the universe above you, including constellations and more!

This app does come with a price tag, but the information definitely makes it a must have purchase for star gazers!


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