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Top iPhone Accessories

Updated on February 12, 2008

Apple iPhone

Many people claim that the Apple iPhone was the best "new" cell phone that was released in 2007. It had a brand new design, much like the current Blackberries, but the iPhone changed the outlook on cell phones.

The iPhone is complete is a wide range of features including:

  • A touch screen
  • Wi- Fi access with Safari
  • Music downloads straight from iTunes
  • Built in YouTube player
  • A Light Sensor that adjust to the surrounding light
  • Starbuck Music

So, with this new-aged cell phone, why not deck it out with only the top accessories- cases, protectors, headsets, adaptors, and other cables and kits.

Aircraft Aluminum Metal Case

This particular case has openings for the display screen, keyboard, volume and side buttons, camara lens, and the charger. It is fully enclosed as to maximize the protection to you iPhone. The exterior of the case is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum, and the interior is padded with neoprene to prevent scratches.

You can find the case is other colors besides black, to include green, magenta, and blue.

DLO Leather

This case is both sytlish and durable. It includes a padded cover that flips open for quick access to you iPhone. You have access to the headset jack when the case is close.

Polycarbonate Slim fit Case

This case is made of a slip-free polycarbonate material. It provides easy access to all of your iPhone features, including the screen display, dock connector, headphone port, microphone, and camara lens. The case snaps on the front of the iPhone to protect the LCD.

Jam Jacket w/ Cable Management

This case is made of a silicone based material that is form-fitting to the phone. It gives you complete access to the controls, sensor, camara lens, and screen. The Jam Jacket comes in black, blue, pink, and clear.

Silicone Skin Case with Screen Protector

This silicone cover is specially molded to fit your iPhone perfectly. It keeps all ports visible and enables their usage. A screen protector is included with this case as to cover the glass screen to your iPhone. The case comes in 5 different colors to include: Black, Pink, Blue, White, and Red.

Screen LCD Protector Film Guard

This screen guard is made out of a high quality clear protector film. It will protect your iPhone's LCD screen of scratches and scrapes. It is removable, but it won't leave a nasty film or residue on the screen. The screen protector is both washable and resuable, which saves you money from having to purchase replacement films.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Both stylish and functional, this wireless headset requires one AAAA battery that allows you to talk up to 8. This headset never needs charging, making it one of the most convenient on the market. The Jabra bluetooth headset lets you keep talking while keeping your hands free for multitasking. This is the ideal accessory when doing multiple things at once, making it perfect for the busy, house mom and the stockbroker on the go. The headset is light, so you'll hardly notice you're wearing it.

V-Moda Vibe Duo Nero

This duo headset brings the high quality sound of the V-moda Vibe with a vibrant bass, mid- range, and highs. The heaadset integrats a discreet microphone and a call button. The design of th V-Moda is ideal for an active person, allowin a light comfortable fit that is stable and soft to you ear. There are three different sizes of the silicon ear pieces (S,M,L) that allow for such a comfortable fit.

Rivet Stereo Headset

This headset combines the hands-free conveniences of a headset with premium sound quality. You will be able to talk comfortably with friends while listening to you favorite iTunes. The headset is simple to use with a one-touch button that both answers and ends a call. The headset features a unique lanyard to prevent the headset from falling, and it features adjustable cords for easy storage and tangle-free.

Belkin F8Z177 Headphone Adapter

With this adapter you are able to connect your iPhone to portable speakers, sound cards, home-stereos, and other devices that include RCA jacks with a 3.5mm plug.

Rubberized Retractable Car Charger

Thsi retractable car charger features a retractable wire. It is a compact accessory that is both convenient and space saving in your car. There is a rapid retract button on the top of the charger that retracts the full length of the cord. No longer will you have to untangle your charger.

USB Data Transfer Sync Cable

Connect you iPhone to your computer or Laptop via the USB port. You can update and add music and data to you iPhone with this cable. It will, also, charge your phone.

iPhone PDA Accessory Bundle Kit

This kit includes:

  • 1 Case: durable, soft and flexible silicone material
  • 1 Car Charger: short cicuit protection with LED charging indication
  • 1 Home Charger


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    • PassinItAlong profile image

      PassinItAlong 7 years ago

      When one thinks that he has come up with all the ways a retractable reel or lanyard can be used the idea of securing one's iPhone is suggested. Try securing your GPS the same way when out hiking or hunting.