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iPhone Killers - Really?

Updated on March 19, 2011

In addition to all of the excitement iPhone has generated there has also been another phenomenon taking place. All other cell phones, new or not, are being compared to the iPhone. People are arguing about whether their phone is better than the iPhone. When the argument comes to a stalemate the final iPhone punch is "well, my iPhone is a lot more fun".

Not surprisingly, other cell phone manufactures are just as interested in those arguments. There are several cell phones that are being called iPhone killers. The debate is on.

I have listed some of the interesting features of each cell phone and they are linked to more in-depth reviews. Some of the iPhone competitors (killers) include:


HTC Touch

Possible iPhone Killers

HTC Touch by High Tech Corp

  1. 3G
  2. PDA with Windows Mobile 6
  3. 2.8 inch Touchflo screen
  4. GSM Unlocked
  6. Bluetooth
  7. WiFi 802;11 b/g
  8. MicroSD Slot

LG Prada - LGKE850

  1. 3G
  2. Capacitive Touch Screen
  3. GSM Unlocked
  4. Bluetooth
  5. USB 2.0
  6. MicroSD Slot
  7. 2 megapixel camera/video

Samsung Upstage - SPH-M620

  1. 3G
  2. Touch Screen
  3. EV-DO
  4. Airplane Mode for Music Player
  5. MicroSD Slot

Nokia N95

  1. Quadband
  2. Symbian OS
  3. 2.6 inch Screen
  4. GSM Unlocked
  5. GPS
  6. Stereo FM Radio
  7. 5 megapixel camera/video
  8. Push to Talk
  9. WiFi
  10. MicroSD Slot

Toshiba Protégé G900

  1. 3G
  2. PDA Mobile 6
  3. 3 inch LCD display
  4. Bluetooth 2.0
  5. WiFi
  6. 2 megapixel camera
  7. MiniSD Slot

Motorola RAZR2

  1. Version options - V9, V9m, V8
  3. Linux based platform
  4. Crystal Talk Technology - adjust volume according to ambient noise
  5. 2 inch outside display
  6. 2.2 inch inside display - twice the resolution of previous the original RAZR
  7. 2 megapixel camera/video with 8x digital zoom

These are a couple of interesting ideas coming up. See what you think.

Openmoko - open source project to create first free mobile phone operating system, will be installed over any other cell phone software,

Google Switch - button less touchscreen, GPS built in for pinpoint navigation around Google maps. No application on board - all will provided through the network and will be attached to your account,

It is so hard to decide between cell phone features, especially when each feature seems cooler and more exciting than the next. It is a sad truth that we must choose however. My advice is to list what your needs are versus your wants. The cell phone coming closer to your needs would probably be the wisest choice. Otherwise, rethink your needs and go for the most enjoyable features.



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