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Best iPod Nano Armbands

Updated on August 18, 2015

Apple iPod

The iPod is probably one of the more popular MP3 players on the market today, but they're not always the most affordable, which does cut out a big part of the consumer market. Luckily, though, the prices are going down slightly, especially with the release of the newer technology and the new iPod, such as the iPod Touch.

Of the iPods, I prefer the more simple Nano. They're smaller, and come in a range of 1GB to 4GB memory storage. They are perfect in terms of variety, with multiple colors, storage, and sizes.

The iPod has been a favorite among many people with different hobbies, which is why manufacturer's have created the armband holster for the iPod. You can find them for all 4 generations of iPods, altough, you will notice that there are more options for the 3rd and 4th  generation iPod than for the 1st and 2nd generations.

iPod Nano 1st/2nd Generation Armband

There are fewer people who still have the 1st and/or 2nd generation iPods, which is why there are fewer options to choose from, but you will find that the options that are available are well manufactured.

The Tuneband iPod armband is fitted for both the 1st and 2nd generation iPods. It's made of a secure silicone skin with a screen protector so that your iPod doesn't get scratched while in use. It has a soft stretchy velcro armband strap that is adjustable, and one size fits all. The Tuneband, Grantwood armband is compatible with Nike and the iPod system. The company reallly does stand by their product, and if you aren't happy, you can mail it back, and they will send you a replacement or a refund.

Otherwise, another one of the best iPod armbands is the 2G nano armband that wraps around your arm or wrists, securing with adjustable fasteners. There are custom, easy to access cutouts for the click-wheel, headphone jack, and the power cord. This armband is made of a lightweight material, that really is lightweight when worn.

iPod Nano 3rd/4th Generation Armband

The 3rd and 4th generation iPod Nanos have a larger option to choose from in regards to an armband.

Belkin has two that I would recommend- the Belkin Neoprene Sports Armband for 3G and the Belkin Sports Armband for 3G. The Neoprene armband is made of a waterproof neoprene; it has an integrated pocket that holds key during your workout. The Neoprene armband creates a snug fit for your iPod. It uses velcro to make the strap easily adjustable.The Sport armband is made of a water-wicking material that stays dry; it has a removable cable capsule that helps store your earphones and a pocket to hold a key.

The Apple iPod nano armband tightly grips and protects the 3G nano with the clear, plastic film on the front of the holster. The armband is fitted with adjustable fasteners that securely fit to your arm. Just be careful because the lightweight material truly does wear lightly.

The Tuneband, Grantwood armband comes in multiple colors and fits your 3rd and 4th generation iPod nano. It has a silicone skin and screen protector so that your nano is safely secured and protected from scratches. It leaves easy to access areas to your ports and buttons, so that you don't have to pull out your nano to adjust your music. It's made of a soft, stretchy material, which fits most small and large arms.

Choosing an Armband for an iPod Nano

Just remember that when choosing an armband for your nano, you want to make sure that the material and features are exactly what you're looking for. It's always a pain to order something to find out that it's not going to work.

Read carefully, and make sure that you order an armband that will fit your generation iPod.


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