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iPod Touch vs. iPhone - Buy and Save a Fortune!

Updated on January 4, 2015

What Do I Mean?

An iPhone in the UK will set you back on average around £200 plus a 24 month contract at say £35 a month. That works out at well over £1,000. In iPod Touch in contrast, starts at around £175 on Amazon. Over 2 years that is a saving of over £800, and I am sure other countries will be similar.

But I want an iPhone, I hear you say, not an iPod. So let me try to convince you. Read on and if at the end of the hub you are not convinced well fair enough, can’t blame a guy for trying. Lots of people won’t be convinced, but maybe I’ll get some of you on board.

The first thing to note about the iPhone versus the iPod Touch is that they are basically the same. It is true. They run the same software, have comparable memory and you can download all the same apps. They even look very similar, the iPhone is just a bit thicker and clunkier. About the only difference is that one is a phone, the other isn’t. Oh and to access the internet, app store etc. you need to be in a wi-fi zone with the iPod Touch, with a phone you can access anywhere (well anywhere there is phone signal, not quite the same thing). The other major difference is the camera on the iPhone is far superior to the iPod Touch, so if you want to use it to take a lot of photos the iPod isn’t going to be suitable. Otherwise it might be worth a go, particularly if a lot of the time you will be using it either at home, or somewhere else where you have access to Wi-Fi.

Here is a run through of some of the main features.


An iPod’s primary function, at least until the iPod Touch came along, was playing music and it does do that very well. The cheapest version has 8gb of memory, enough for a couple of thousand songs. The great thing with the iPod Touch for music is that you can use the horizontal scroll bar to move about within the song, you get rewind 30 seconds if you missed a bit too. In terms of song choices, you can either shuffle all of the songs, listen to invididual songs, albums or artists, or choose a playlist. Playlists have to be created on a computer currently, but you can create a ‘genius’ playlist on the fly just by choosing one song, and it will automatically play similar ones.

Podcasts & Audiobooks

I frequently use my iPod to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. The great thing about the iTouch is that it automatically separates out audiobooks and podcasts into their own sections, separate from music, so if you ask it to randomly play songs, you won’t suddenly get a voice talking to you! Audiobooks are generally split into chapters for easier navigation, and with both audiobooks and podcasts the controls for moving about the ‘track’ is very useful, as podcasts or individual chapters of books can be an hour or more in length.

Wi-Fi Internet

One of the best things about the iPod Touch is its wi-fi capabilities. You can buy music or download podcasts from the iTunes store without needing to connect to your computer. I find myself listening to many more podcasts because of this - if I had to download onto a computer and then copy onto my iPod I wouldn’t listen to podcasts nearly as often. You can also access the App Store and buy / download Apps directly onto your iPod - more on this later.

The iPod comes pre-installed with the Safari web browser for surfing of the internet. You can either view pages with the iPod held upright or turned on its side for a widescreen landscape view. As you turn the iPod the screen rotates to match, so you can’t be looking at the screen upside down. The safari browser is great for viewing most webpages, there are easy controls for zooming in and out of pages, and a full on screen keyboard pops up whenever you need to type anything. Sometimes, if I just want to check out something briefly on the internet, I’ll use my iPod Touch rather than turning on my computer, as it is much quicker and easier and doesn’t take time to load.


There is one thing (or 100,000 + things if you want to be really picky) that takes the iPod Touch from being a good media player to something so much more. Apps. You may have heard the phrase ‘There’s an App for everything’. Well it is almost true, you really can get an App for almost anything. There are a number of Apps pre-installed on your iPod including:

Photos - a Photo album / viewer
Mail - an email program you can configure with your gmail, hotmail account details etc.
Voice memos - using the built in microphone
You Tube

If you want any more Apps, you have to download them from the App Store, which is incredibly easy, just tap the App Store icon, then start browsing or searching for Apps. Some Apps cost money - typically only a few pounds / dollars /euros - many more are free. A lot of the big websites like Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Wikipedia have their own Apps (sometimes many different ones to choose from) which are like accessing them through the internet, but tailor made for the small screen  often with added features too. There are may other Apps from games to word processors, dictionaries, tv guides, internet radio and much, much more.

A Word About Games

Games may be just one type of App on the App Store, but I thought I should mention them separately because the iPod Touch is just so good for games. I used to have a Nintendo DS but have now got rid of it as I preferred the iPod for games. There is so much more choice on the iPod Touch than the DS, and games are either free or really cheap. Some of the most expensive games on the App Store are less than a quarter the price of DS games, and many are no more than a Dollar. The multi-touch, tilt and accelerometer controls on the iPod also make for a great experience. The new Games Center allows you to connect with your friends, challenge them to games and compete for the highest score. Games like Sonic and Need for Speed are available along with classics like Pacman and Space Invaders and new mega hits such as Doodle Jump and Angry Birds..

iPod Touch Benefits

Other Features

The latest generation of iPod Touch has two cameras, capable of taking still photos (albeit at a very low resolution) and HD video, including video calling via the Facetime App. You can even edit videos on the move. There’s also a built in microphone, all new crystal clear ‘Retina’ display and loads more.

So the iPod Touch is so much more than an MP3 Player, and there really any similar device to come anywhere close to it. Unless you want to use it a lot on the move when you need internet access, you might be just as well saving yourself the money and getting an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone.


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    • sabrani44 profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome hub! I agree if you cant afford an iPhone, but still want an Apple device an iPod would be a great idea. The new 4s is only $199.


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