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iPod Watch Straps

Updated on January 25, 2018

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This is an iPod watch strap, a very cool iPod watch option.
This is an iPod watch strap, a very cool iPod watch option. | Source

Did you know that you can buy a special watch strap that works specifically with your iPod nano or iPod shuffle? It's true, and it's a fantastic way to keep time and keep a hold on your mp3 player. The iPod watch strap is a popular option for anyone who needs a timepiece on a regular basis but wants an option for music as well.

There are a few different models of the iPod watch strap (also known as an iPod watch band), and they all have their pluses and negatives. Learn a little bit more about iPod watches in this article, and hopefully you'll make an accurate and informed decision should you choose to purchase one!

iPod Watch Strap: Pros

iPod watch straps are really neat! My brother recently received one of these for his birthday, and he's been pretty happy with the way it functions and allows him to use it's many features.

The pros to an iPod watch are easy to list. First off, you have an iPod on your wrist, what's not to like about that? To set up your iPod watch strap, you just set the device to 'time on wake', which means that every time you wake it up from sleep mode you'll be presented with a neat little clock face.

Secondly, the iPod watch band is an easy and convenient 16 GB storage device! You'll never be caught without a USB stick again with this handy little device. It transfers data using the headphone jack, so you'll be in luck anywhere you go.

Lastly, your iPod watch will come filled with a bunch of neat features outside of just plain timekeeping. We're not just talking music either, you have access to a limited number of apps specifically built for the Nano. You have access to multi-touch features, so you can flip your iPod watch display any which way you like, as well as the swipe features which let you easily navigate through your various options.

Ipod Watch Strap: Cons

There are a few negatives that I noticed with the iPod watch strap. First off, it's very large. You'll notice that you need large wrists for this to look cool in any sort of way. It's obviously larger than a typical watch face, and for good reason. If it were any smaller, your iPod watch wouldn't be very easy to navigate, and the feature loaded interface would be diminished.

Secondly, the iPod watch strap is great as a watch, but not so great as a wired music player. It sounds great in theory, but having a set of wires leading from your ears to your iPod watch band is actually a kind of difficult scenario. Unless the cables are quite long, you'll notice a lot of unnecessary pulling; you might pull the earbuds right out. The cables will also get in the way. You can rectify this by putting the cables up through your sleeves, but this can be a tricky scenario to pull off.

Lastly, the iPod watch strap doesn't come loaded with a lot of watch specific options. You basically have the white or the black clock face options, and that's about it. I imagine that as iPod watches become more popular we'll see a few more options made available by Apple for clock displays, but for now you've essentially got two options. Not only that, you can't just glance down at your iPod watch, it will go black to save on power.

That said, the above problems are extremely minor, and I had to wrack my brain to come up with three cons! The iPod watch strap is really great, and a fantastic upgrade over conventional timepieces.

The Maratec Nylon iPod watch strap is a nice option for an iPod watch, and it's cheap too.
The Maratec Nylon iPod watch strap is a nice option for an iPod watch, and it's cheap too. | Source

iPod Watch Strap Options

Some iPod watch straps are quite minimal. The 22mm Maratac Nylon band will slip right through theclip on the back of a Nano, making installation extremely simple. The Maratac iPod watch band is an attractive option at an attractive price of around $17.

For his own birthday, after a recommendation to his own gift giver, My brother received the LunaTik iPod watch enclosure, made of CNC machined aluminum. It's a very sleek looking iPod watch strap that completely encloses the Nano. LunaTik also offers a snap-in version of the iPod watch band, called the TikTok. They come in black, aluminum, and anodized red finishes, and I can attest to the quality of the craftsmanship of these iPod watches, they are amazingly well made!

The iPod watch strap called LunaTik, a cool CNC machined aluminum watch enclosure.
The iPod watch strap called LunaTik, a cool CNC machined aluminum watch enclosure. | Source


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