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iPod nano 6G review

Updated on August 11, 2011

Retailing at $140, the 8GB version of the new iPod nano 6G isn't cheap. In iPod nano 6G review we will look at the brand new features of the nano to help you decide whether it's worth it. We will also review some safety covers that will stop your iPod nano from picking up scratches.

Apple iPod Nano 6g features a 1.5 inch color display screen that has a picture resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. When you compare it's size to the 5G iPod it is almost 46% smaller.

The nano 6G comes in a choice of six color finishes on an anodised aluminium body. One of the 6G's advantages is that it can be used almost anywhere, with it's new integrated stable clip, while the wearer moves about, with confidence.

Probably the most significant features of this new iPod is having a touch screen which replaces the click wheel. This technology was developed with the iPod touch and then implemented on the new iPod nano. The touch screen is smaller than that of its predecessor and is sharp and clear. The touch screen does consume some battery power. However the screen does have a sleep mode, which helps to conserve battery power. You should only need to recharge the lithium-ion battery every 24 hours, even if you use the device heavily in that time period.

6G video review

The iPod Nano is an exceptional music player and now it has dispensed with a number of it's previous 'features'. For instance, it does not have the ability to play back video content as the small video camera is no longer a facility on the iPod Nano. Instead, it emphasises music quality and flexibility, all with great affect. I have to see that the nano 6G's dock connector was retained. This is necessary to be able to use the iPod with it's accessories and it adds to the versatility of this reasonably priced iPod. Another function that has been retained is the FM radio, which many users will be happy with.

This iPod is aimed at the regular visitors to the gym and, consequently, the package is a great success being the ideal accompaniment for the devoted gym junkie or jogger, allowing your favourite choice of music to keep you motivated. It has the retained facility of the Fitness option to enable Nike+ and a built in pedometer to be used conveniently and securely ensuring that it remains in place whilst on the move.

One of the disadvantages of the new iPod Nano is the inability to have the use of a video camera, an option that was introduced a year ago. In addition, the video option has also disappeared which was added a few years ago presumably because the screen has reduced in size and is no longer practical. However, this is a function that is not always seen as a must for many iPod users. The average user would prefer a better sound quality as opposed to having video or video camera access.

As the camera/video option is no longer included, it ensures that the music quality is superb. After all the quality is the most crucial function of the iPod Nano. This, together with the fact that the storage is only for music, allows for an incredible amount of tunes to be readily available to you, which is an amazing achievement considering the size of the player.

iPod nano cover
iPod nano cover

Scosche glosSEE 3-Pack Skins Screen Protector for iPod nano 6G

The Scosche glosSEE 3 Pack screen protector is a definite must have if you are the owner of a new iPod Nano. These silicone skins are specifically manufactured to ensure the ultimate protection against abrasion and damage. As the screen protectors are made of an extremely durable material, preventing anything from penetrating the surface.

These latest eye-catching, brightly colored designs certainly mean that it cannot be mislaid or lost as they do tend to stick out and be noticed.

The clear silicone skin enables complete protection for your iPod Nano and covers it without obstructing the screen in any way. The cover also makes it easier to grip the iPod nano.

The only disadvantage is that there are no instructions included, but I am sure like me you will be able to figure it out easily.

Convenient Apple 6G watch
Convenient Apple 6G watch

I hope you understand the the new nano better after reading iPod nano 6G review. You may also enjoy reading best in-ear headphones 2010 and best ebook reader 2010.


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      markyev22 7 years ago

      I think this new ipod is awesome. Apple has done a great job.