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iPod enthusiasts have headphone-earbud choices

Updated on May 31, 2010


You just want to listen to your iPod but the noise all around you competes with your ability to hear it. Aside from the noise, listening to your music, videos or podcasts can be painful if the earphones/earbuds do not fit right.

After I purchased my iPod I immediately regretted selling my old Sony Sports Walkman. The headphones on my Sony Walkman had a headband which I did not care for, but, they were very comfortable for my ears. They did not fit over my ears and they did not stick deep inside my ears. They just seemed to nestle inside my ears. Yes, I can hear it now especially from you fellow joggers out there that are probably saying "what about the wind noise"?

Oh yes, the noise issue. Most headphones whether over your ear or inside your ear do not do a great job drowning out the peripheral sounds. To accommodate for the extra noise the volume of the music is generally increased. This may work at the time but studies show that over time your hearing is permanently damaged by the increased volume.

OK, back to the fit issue. Do earbuds fit anyone's ears? The quest to remove the headband led to a design that can not be too big or too small. The buds have to stay inside the ears, thus the tight fit. The tight fit has an upside however, less room to let outside noise in. But, the final results can be like mine, I do not listen to my iPod because it HURTS!

iPod headphone Choices

Due to standardized connections most headphones/earbuds will work with most portable media players including the iPod. But, if the headphone/earbuds design is not uniquely different, the results will be the same each time.

"You get what you pay for" may not be any truer than when you buy a good set of earphones/earbuds. Shure, Bose and Motorola all claim to have better options.

Shure earphones are sound isolating. Flexible "sleeves" gives you a custom fit for your ears and literally seals out unwanted noise. Originally designed for professional use the Shure earphones are now used by individuals with their iPods or with other media players. Assorted models are available with the prices ranging from $179.00 to $499.00.

Bose In-Ear Headphones/earbuds have a proprietary technology called TriPort Acoustic Headphone Structure. This special technology provides low-frequency output. Comfort is also a plus. They have been designed with soft silicone tips that fit in the outer bowl of your ears. Three sizes are included and Bose suggests trying a different size for each ear. Pricing is set at $99.95 which includes a carrying case. I am impressed by the 30 day risk free offer incase they do not work well for you.

Motorola has two interesting headphone models. Both are lightweight, wireless and Bluetooth enabled. They are worn behind the head and have integrated controls on board. The Motorola Motorokr S9 and the Motorola HT820 both require the use of a Bluetooth adapter for your iPod. Although that is unfortunate, there is an upside to the adapter itself. These headphones can simultaneously fade your music as a call comes in on your cell phone will bring back your listening pleasure when the call ends.


Obviously one size does not always fit all especially when the subject is headphones or earbuds. So choose your headphones/earbuds to suit your own ears and know that you are not stuck with any one size, shape or connection.


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    • barranca profile image

      barranca 10 years ago

      I bought the bose and I am not particularly happy with them. They tend to fall out and they don't block the ambient noise. I wish now I had bought headphones which would have a better bass response and not fall out.

    • profile image

      evilninjamonkey 10 years ago

      If you want good heaphones for much cheaper than this lady is suggesting, check radioshack, the have the foam, deep ear headphones that block all noise for $40 and the work great.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      I have the Shure e500pth. They are pricey, but have incredible sound, comfort, and I like the microphone feature for listening to someone without removing the buds from your ears.