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i.Tech SolarVoice 908 solar powered Bluetooth headset

Updated on October 23, 2009

One of the problems with Bluetooth headsets is their constant need to be charged. What if there was a headset that you didn’t have to charge at all?

Well, that isn’t the iTech Solar Voice 908, but it is a step in the right direction. Solar power is terrific for all sorts of energy saving applications, and the i.Tech SolarVoice 908 is the first solar-powered Bluetooth headset.

This gives the Solar Voice 908 supposedly infinite standby time. Of course, even solar powered devices have their limitations. After all, I know no place where the sun shines 24/7, unless you are up in Alaska at the right six months. It does have 140 hours of standby time without sun, and about five hours worth of talk time.

I have to admit, I cannot believe that i.Tech’s Bluetooth headset is the first, not that I am denying this claim. After all, if it is possible to use solar power for a Bluetooth headset, then I am surprised that it wasn’t done quite a while ago. There is simply no way that I can test whether or not that this has infinite standby time, because it is, of course, infinite. However, if this is one that you don’t have to charge as long as it is sunny, then I might be convinced to move to California or Florida. By the way, the SolarVoice 908 has a green flashing light to indicate solar charging on the solar panel.

Not only does it have the terrific solar power feature, but it can also has noise reduction for call clarity by using advanced digital signal processing software.

The Solar Voice 908 paired very easily with my mobile phone, and it uses A2DP for streaming multimedia audio. In case you are wondering, it allows for a multipoint connection to wirelessly link with two cellular phones. It has an operating distance of 10 meters from the mobile device.

The headset is able to stay in the ear without an ear hook, but the Solar Voice 908 does include one if it is desired. It also comes with a cradle with adhesive so you can rest the headset when not in use. The cradle is not a “charging cradle” though, as you will have to connect it via USB or USB to power cord to get power that isn’t from the sun.

Since the “highly visible solar panel” takes up a lot of real estate on the headset itself, the designers saw it fit to put the buttons on the side. The volume buttons are there, as well as the multi-function button (MFB) that is used to take or receive calls.

The SolarVoice 908 can be purchased on sites like Amazon for a price of about $66.69.


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