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iTunes Releases 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts App - What Will The Presents Be?

Updated on January 11, 2011

12 Days Of Christmas

What Will The Presents Be?


ITunes have recently released their iTunes 12 Days of Christmas App. This is basically a gift from iTunes to thank all it’s customers for their support over the year. The iTunes 12 Days of Christmas app basically gives you 12 days of free downloads starting on the 26th of December through till the 6th of January. Thousand have downloaded this free app and it has shot to the top of the iTunes download charts over the past few days.

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas is a clever way for iTunes to advertise many of it’s products. As well as offering free gifts it also suggests other similar items that users may like to purchase. In giving free things away over 12 days iTunes have come up with a very smart way of advertising at one of the busiest times of year. As the app is free nobody will mind having to see a few adds as long as they get their free presents over the selected 12 days.

On the 17th of December the iTunes 12 days of Christmas gave away a surprise free download as a taster of what to expect over the 12 days of Christmas. The gift was a free Kylie Minogue EP featuring three songs from the singer. The songs can easily be downloaded via iTunes and then played on any iPod or iPhone. This was a smart move by iTunes as it will get more people downloading the app as word of mouth spreads news of this.

iTunes 12 days of Christmas is planning on giving away free music, iBooks, apps and things along these lines. As of now what the actual gifts will be over the 12 days remains a mystery but if the latest release is anything to go by they should be well worth the wait. The fact is even if the 12 days releases are not all that great, as it’s a free download users really have nothing to lose by downloading this app.

So if you want a few nice surprises on your iPhone over Christmas it is well worth downloading the iTunes 12 days of Christmas app. The app is easy to find as it is currently at the top of the iTunes download charts. So go and get yourself this little app and hopefully over the 12 days of Christmas you will be given something that will make you smile.


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