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iTunes alternatives:There Is Another Way

Updated on July 13, 2011


Copytrans-Music manager

We all know iTunes is such a drag. You sync, add music, and bam. But sometimes you want to add music that one of your friends have. So now you try to sync with his computer and nothing. Here is the best alternative there is: Copytrans manager. It's completely portable and allows you to add music without the need to sync. All you do is import the music file and click add to ipod. There you go. And best of all you can delete the music file after your done, unlike iTunes where you must keep all the music. That takes up too much space right. So Copytrans manager is the best iTunes alternative there is. Last, save the best for last, its toatlly FREE!

Copytrans-Photo manager

Copytrans can also add specific photos from the web or your computer directly to you ipod. The only con is it will have copytrans name going diagonally across your photo. in order to get rid of this, you must purchase the elite package from copytrans. Anyway, you still can get a clear picture of the image. It can even sync whole files and your entire photo library and you'll be able to manually delete photos unlike itunes. Editing is also enabled. So have fun.

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