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★ Fun Illustrator Tutorials for Beginners | Video Lessons & Practice Projects ★

Updated on February 5, 2015
Illustrator CS5 painting.
Illustrator CS5 painting. | Source

Adobe Illustrator Lessons for the Newbie

I bought Adobe Illustrator CS5 without any previous graphic design training and I discovered that I had to teach myself A LOT. I bought 3 massive manuals but these mainly confused me more (I definitely need to be walked through things visually in order to learn) so I decided to make a page listing the most helpful step-by-steps and free video tutorials on the internet.

You will need to be computer literate so start with, but you don't need to have used any design software before to follow the easiest lessons on this page. I will provide instructions for the simplest of processes and then finish with projects and skills to aim for.

I personally use CS5 but it doesn't matter which version you have - most of the features are the same or similar. Some lessons below refer to older versions.

If you are in any way creative I'm sure you will find using Illustrator a lot of fun, and I hope this page inspires you to give it a try!

Greeting Card Design

This pretty card design was created using markers and Illustrator CS5.
This pretty card design was created using markers and Illustrator CS5. | Source

Tutorial Diagrams

Illustrations by Jaimielee.

Beginner YouTube Lessons - Start Your Lessons Here & Work Down The Page!

2nd Set of Beginner Video Tutorials

Poster Prints


3rd Lot of Videos; Using a Variety of Techniques

Logo Graphics


Pop Culture Caricature

A striking drawing of Luke Skywalker.
A striking drawing of Luke Skywalker. | Source

T-Shirt Designs

'Clown War' graphics.
'Clown War' graphics. | Source

More Handy Illustrator Lessons

Experimenting with Illustrator Brushes


Cool Effects To Try

Advanced Technique Showcases - To Inspire You To Keep Practicing!

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    • Ashley Creative profile image

      Ashley Horton 3 years ago from United States

      Thanks for the Resources!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      any way out to learn logo graphics by myself..need tips...overall great lens