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In Search For Quality And Stylish Headphones - Skullcandy Aviator 2.0 Review

Updated on September 12, 2014

When I was searching for a new pair of headphones, I knew exactly what I wanted.
I wanted a pair of headphones that delivered crystal clear audio, are comfortable, are great quality and are very stylish. My old, tattered Sony headphones no longer touched the surface of these personal requirements I had.

I like rock music, which also means I clearly enjoy blasting the music as loud as I can. But my neighbours probably wouldn't appreciate that, especially as they work odd hours. Therefore I prefer to use headphones that can give me a similar effect. I enjoy the feeling of the vibrational beat because it helps me to feel "in the music".

During my search for a new pair of headphones there were so many brand names and types of headphones thrown into my face. The possibilities and suggestions were endless. But when I saw the Skullcandy brand something began to draw me in. I'm not sure what exactly, maybe it was the hip name of the brand, the intriguing logo or the seemingly good looking headphones, but it felt as if I was being dragged towards their products. Like when you know it's time for you to go home but your friends continue to insistently drag you into the next bar of the night with them.
I gave in to Skullcandy's apparent mermaid-like siren and browsed what they were offering. That's when I saw the Skullcandy Aviator 2.0 headphones.

Stylish and classy

I am the type of person who enjoys stylish products, classy things. Which is probably natural for me, being a typical British gentleman (not my words). Seeing the Aviator headphones by Skullcandy visually ticked both of those boxes. The Aviator headphones were very comfortable when I tried them on (unlike their Skullcrusher products I tried). The ear pads consist of leather and memory foam. You will not believe how comfy the ear pads actually are until you try them on.

According to Skullcandy, the design of their Aviator headphones was inspired by Aviator Sunglasses.
And from pairing with Roc Nation, which I had never heard of. A later Google search search revealed that it's some kind of unpopular music label company owned by an awful, sexist rapper, Jay-Z (who is also known for domestic violence). Which probably isn't doing Skullcandy's image any favours.

Nevertheless, the Aviator headphones in my grasp looked immaculately flawless. It comes in professional packaging, a leather headphone travel bag and a polishing cloth.

The only real downside I could spot with the design is that the ear pads were only imitation leather rather than the real thing. Imitation leather tends to get slippery and sticky from sweat after prolonged use. If Skullcandy didn't waste money working with that "musical" failure, Jay-Z, since working with celebrities increases the price tag, they could have used real leather for the ear pads and still keep the headphones at the same retail price.

Sound Quality

The sound quality when using the Aviator headphones is perfectly balanced. The Aviator headphones have a great, solid bass and a very vivid treble which are not overpowering, but are smooth enough to deliver that perfect eargasm for every genre of music you listen to with them.
Most headphones on the market give a slight "tinny" and hollow sound, because they use an AM radio system to deliver the sound. However Skullcandy use their own system to deliver the sound, which they call 'Supreme Sound'. All I can say is that the name fits - Using the Aviator, I have noticed tiny details in some of the songs I listen to that I have never noticed before.
Comparing Skullcandy's Aviator 2.0 Headphones to a different brand of similar style, the other brand seemed to sound hollow and the bass was very over the top and overpowering, especially over the vocals. However Skullcandy have gotten the balance just right and deliver the sound flawlessly. Almost as if they pour heavenly liquid velvet into your ears.

So, are they recommended?

Absolutely! Or at least give them a try. I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

My Rating: 8 squids...

My Rating:8 squids out of 10!(-1 for imitation leather. -1 for affiliation with Jay-Z)

You can learn more in these videos.

What has your experience with Skullcandy headphones or earphones been like

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© 2014 Scott A. Butler


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