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Internet Marketing Blockbusters

Updated on January 23, 2008
SMARTS admission is 'temporarily' full.
SMARTS admission is 'temporarily' full.

Secrets bared, but are you ready for the price?

Last week 2 blockbuster Internet marketing releases made me wonder which one is better than the other. True, if I buy and use them I'd know the answer. But I felt my hands firmly tied at the back by an invisible shackle, unable to take the decisive action of clicking on the respective buy buttons.

I'll shortly come to why it was so. Meanwhile, let's see what the respective ‘covers' have to say.

At first glance, both appear to have the zing necessary to see you through the maze of marketing on the net. First off the block was Stompernet's SMARTS program, which is now ‘temporarily' sold out.

Newcomers are being told to queue in the waiting list - name and email address given - before their turn comes in the next round. Good marketing this, and indeed lots to learn.

Okay, let's get under the hood now.


Andy Jenkins while promoting SMARTS was very succinct. He revealed an interesting info that some of us know but haven't grasped the real meaning.

The social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube record nearly same or more footfalls a day than the search giant, Google.

The figure is a jaw-dropping 148 million people who make a beeline to the Web 2.0 sites every 24 hours.

SMARTS promises to unveil all those barely known social media secrets that website owners like you and me can put into action to claim a small pie of that mammoth traffic.

What that means is that while you've no control over their coming to those popular sites, you can do other things to lure them to your site when they decide to leave.

Well, there's little doubt the ‘other things' are indeed promising looking at how SMARTS could garner record visits - as evidenced from Alexa ranking - to its promotional campaign.

Incidentally, the free Social Marketing Strategies Guide that SMARTS released as part of their launch campaign lists HubPages as one of the top sites to place your content in for social visibility.

Let me add a few more nearly similar sites worth taking a look though HubPages is considered more wealth-sharing-friendly: Squidoo, Associated Content, InstaBlogs, and Scribd.

Internet Marketing Explained (IME)

Close on the heels of SMARTS came Armand Morin's IME. Armand, a past master in Internet marketing, fixed the launch date on Jan 18, and for nearly a month prior to that upped the hype with each passing day.

Between the time I noticed IME's proposed launch and Jan 18, I could see some of Armand's tips which he gave away free in the form of videos in his website.

I've no hesitation to say that some of Armand's tips are real jewels. They make certain aspects of Internet marketing so compelling and easy that perhaps no reason can justify your not implementing them right away.

The IME course on offer has 34 CDs and nearly 900 pages of solid information. Armand says he holds nothing back in the course from the vast knowledge of his culled over a decade, which perhaps explains the massive volume of course materials. Here is the video link to IME launch.

What About Buying

For both SMARTS and IME, the time-bound action to be taken came and went. I could not bring myself taking the plunge and buying either or both. The reason for me is the invisible shackle I spoke at the top that held me back. It's the prices.

SMARTS at $1397 and IME at $1997 are both way beyond my ability to spare even if that means I'll have to rather gape at the pot of gold from a distance than extending my cost-sensitive hand for it.

There's a way out though. You can become an IME affiliate and earn $800 for each referral. Just 4 such will fetch you the wherewithal to buy both.

If you're nimble-footed and do not mind spending some cash in AdWords ads, promoting IME can be a good opportunity not to miss.

However, as it happens, SMARTS and IME - or for that matter, the new child on the block, Frank Kern's Mass Control, which Andy Jenkins is now promoting as a part of what I term as you-claw-my-back-I-claw-yours deal - are perhaps not the only bets for you.

At a far lesser price I'm enjoying the knowledge being imparted by the Teaching Sells, which is just about to launch its second leg of 3-month e-program that will have sumptuous fare on Internet marketing.

Hey, don't say I didn't tell you.


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