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Which Internet Browser is the Best? Find Out Here

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Internet Browser War

There has been a war between browsers since the Internet was born.

As the web grows, the selection of web browsers also continues to grow.

Here we'll see which browser is used the most, which one is voted the best, and we'll also look at which one has the best performance, features, usability, etc.

Best Web Browser Videos

Watch videos of browsers being tested and compared. While there are many similarities between the top browsers in structure and how they are used, there are many differences.

Fastest Web Browser Videos

Since some people only care about speed, here are videos comparing and declaring which one is the fastest based on their own testing.

How to Choose What Browser is the Best

When it comes to rating a browser, these qualities are often considered.

  1. Speed - how fast is it?
  2. Usability - how easy is it to use?
  3. Features - how useful are it's features and how many does it have?
  4. Security & Privacy - how safe is it?

Notable Links

See which one performs better, which is used by the most people, and what their features are in the links below.

In My Opinion, Firefox is the Best Internet Browser

However, My Favorite is Opera

I think Firefox is the best, but I happen to use Opera the most. Why? Let me explain...

Opera is a light browser with all the features most need. I find it simple to use and very fast. Opera keeps it straightforward and to the point, thus making it my favorite Internet Browser. However, for many people I would recommend Firefox over Opera, as I've run into a few websites that don't cooperate with Opera.

As time passes the small number of websites that don't work well with Opera are becoming fewer and fewer. However, it's enough to make me have both Opera and Firefox installed on my computer. When a website doesn't work in Opera, I fire up Firefox.

Opera is my current favorite, but because of current compatibility issues with certain websites I cannot say it is the best.

Web Browsers on Amazon

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