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The Wonderful World of Internet Chat and Internet Friends

Updated on October 18, 2009

So you think you have good trustful friends on internet chat programs… hmmmm this is a joke of the 100%. I guess you do not know people as well as you thought in internet chat rooms such as yahoo chat, AOL messenger etc....

I’ve got news for you. People are not as they seem on internet chat rooms. Some give out fake information, some act as your true friends but yet are not, and some well once they gain your trust they will turn their back on you lying against you saying you are trying to steel their man etc, which is far, far from the truth.....

These so called friends then gain other friends and send an pm to them in private telling them not to talk to a certain person in a to z rooms Thinking they all gained the trust of that person but then at any time will turn their backs on said person in the beginning then accusing them of wrong doing with out confronting that person about the situation.. ....

Ok, I trusted some people in 50’s room 11 on yahoo some thought they were or pretended to be my friends but yet in later months it turned out to be no one was a real friend to me...

How did I know? well people first of all think I am stupid for I still have a lot of my western slang in the rooms, second of all they know nothing about me in total for I do not say much in the room to tell them all of my business, which is non of their business at all..... Now its let out that I am a freelance writer more fun is made at me again they are thinking that I am so stupid, ignorant and an idiot of this nation, that I can not write but what do they all know? I do not say much in the rooms very little about my life and my aspirations except my ranch? Thus making them think I am stupid as all get out. They do not know what is truly going on in my life, along with me on these groups and rooms using them as research for my articles on here and in print to let others truly know what kind of people are on the internet Now who is the stupid one in this world???

Second the less said in the room’s causes less trouble in these rooms and on the internet with predators etc.....

I’ve come to learn that people do not take others for face value at all, its all a pretend world that some need in order to exist and feel wanted for they are that lonely, some go in these rooms just to have fun and cut up but most think they are serious in these rooms or think that others are acting like we call back home a lady in the line or as you call a prostitute looking for any kind of love they can find regardless how they look, act or size of the opposite sex..... This I think is so funny for a lot of times the women are just joking around, not really wanting a man like me.

Then when you mention money. Oh Lord. these people will jump out of their seats, thus realizing that some on the internet may be more wealthy than they are and then they want money and will do anything to get a portion of that wealthy person money even be nice to them (friends then come out of the wood work) when its said in the rooms. Some of these people get down right jealous of others over an internet chat? How stupid. Do you seriously think if I was wealthy I would be talking in a stupid chat room or on the internet with a bunch of people? I think not, for I know what poor people are after and that is three things in life these people are looking for. sex, money and security. Now if I had a lot of money I would be off the internet and would not talk in chat rooms and if I did would be smart enough to keep my mouth shut on talking finances. I was joking around last night in room 50's - 11 and a woman who is in 50's room 11, literally flat out told me to shut up. I thought she was my friend but she turned her back on me. I mean come on. She got mad over a one line sentence and believed what I had said about being wealthy. This is the only reason that I can think of why she told me to shut up for I mostly was in a pm with a my daughter, not paying attention to what was going on in the room. I had to put her in my iggy bin for some of these people love to fight and argue as well. People can be so touchy sheesh.

Can you trust a room? Can you really trust anything that is said in the rooms by other people? others seem to believe what is told on these rooms because they are looking for a worry free life of luxury that they, themselves are to lazy to acquire by them selves but yet taking the easy way out and giving up on their own abilities and strength to go out with out the government's assistance is an excuse that they make up to avoid working a physical job whether at home or out in public

This leads into taking a chance that the opposite sex will move in with them sight unseen and does not know the real person heart, mind or soul until the actuality really sets in, then the other person or mate turns back on them behind their so called loved ones back thus saying nasty statements such as “ so and so is a pain in the ass" which was posted by his girlfriend in the room the other day while her man was away. Such real love there I thought to myself, or so and so is using me etc., then keep looking on the internet for yet another love while they are with their "Internet true love"who can meet their standards, sex drive etc....

Me well. I would never do such a thing for I do not believe in internet sex, or relationships, knowing first hand being an ex trucker’s wife how hard a long distance relationship is, and forgetting my true wants and needs in life.....

These women on the internet seem so hard up they will grasp onto any man no matter if the man is an ex killer or what. They do not take the time out to check out why the man is interested in them or if the man wants only money or sex or other things in life or could be a killer in hiding, but yet these women are so hard up they will grasp onto anything and call it love when its not true love. All they want is acceptance of their piers in chat rooms for this is their only life; they know no other life of the outside the internet world.....

What also gets me is some of these women are married but they also flirt with the men in these rooms. Why? are they hoping on having two relationships going at one time? do they not really love their spouses? makes me wonder a lot of times about people and their actions.

These types of woman need to feel love were there is non, they need to feel acceptance when there is non, they need to feel as if they are something by bringing a stranger into their lives when the stranger is originally hiding form child support or his past or something etc in his own life and can not get his life on track on his / her own.....

Thus placing themselves in danger but they are “SO MADLY" in LOVE /in lust they do not see the dangers they are bestowing upon themselves until it’s too late. Women like this I have no sorrow for, for they have put themselves in this situation by not thinking or acting about their own safety or the safety of their family.. ....

I’ve since learned the hard way, you do not have real time friends on the internet, this is impossible with out meeting another in person at a store or connivance store, or bar and restaurant etc to get to know one another in person.....

Well at least some of the true woman think before they act. At least some of the true women are cautious to their lives in general and do not ask for problems or trouble to enter our lives by insecurities taking over our bodies and minds. They do not put themselves in danger like others who are to smitten to think before they act. Ok, do what you all want to concerning chat get killed or injured your just a asking for it. I personally will feel no remorse at all because of your stupidity and hard ships, but being so "in love" ha-ha (laugh) do you know what real love is? I do but most do not..... I will not care what happens to women like this for they put themselves in danger or in a provocative situation.

I've noticed some more things about people in chat rooms, these people love to wallow in self pitty and all of their aches and pains in their life to make others feel sorry for them and to give them attention. Every day when you go into these rooms you see, oh I am sick, I have a cold, I have to take my medications, I am disabled etc. instead of seeing the bright side of things that they are alive, and be happy they have life and are able to think. All they do is waste time on the internet instead of trying to think of ways to keep themselves busy and active in today's society. Are they that weak? I guess so.

These people do not know that in 1997, I was told I was going to die with in six months by my doctor due to I had anemia and sero negative reactive arthritis at the same time. Oh sure, I felt sorry for my self for the first six months. But I took a closer look at myself, took my self off of the medication (9 prescriptions at one time) the doctor had prescribed for they were making me more depressed, decided to walk to loose the 87 pounds that I had gained during those six months and cowboy up with my pain with out prescription drugs. ....

Today, Yes I still have pain and a lot of it, but I do not take anything for it, if need be and when I am home, I lay down with a heat pack on it but keep going on with my life and not feel sorry for myself, I stay quite active and feel better about myself. Yes when I am hurting I get depressed now and again but a few hours later I get up and tell my self to cut loose from this depression and get on with my life. I don’t run to a doctor every other day like I am supposed to, I do not take prescribed drugs like doctors want me to unless I absolutely feel I need to. Shoot, I still have prescribed drugs from back to 1989 in my medicine chest . I do take the medications when I feel I am in desperate need of them, until I start feeling better and I get off of them right away. But in life one must keep going, unless you’re a pansy and a quitter which I certainly am not.

When you tell people in these chat rooms, they pretend to be your friend but in true reality they really do not care about any one else but themselves just like society. Everyone is out for themselves and do not do the right thing or kind things that God wants us all to do and that is help his children. Don't pretend to act as a friend to them and throw them away. God wants us to care about his children, his animals, and his beautiful land he has created. Same goes true as an internet friend if your going to be a friend on the internet then be a true friend on the internet, do not accuse them of trying to steal your boy friend or tell them to shut up. Bask in their glory, cry in their sorrows, be there for them in good times and bad like we are supposed to do.

Oh the good old internet. What would we do with out it?


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    • wyoming wonder profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Richardson 

      5 years ago from Georgia

      Billy your absolutely correct. in today's world we have to always watch our back and how we go about meeting people and who we talk to to protect ourselves from predators. Thank you so much for reading my article and I hope you enjoy reading my other articles.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i like this article very much.. this is very useful and serves as a reminder that we're living in the world where predators abound and they are just around the corner waiting for the perfect time to catch a prey to be devoured wholly. Be careful and take extra precautions in dealing with people we mingled with. Looks can be deceiving... so as the words that are coming from their mouth. Never forget to take with you wherever you go the ABC... (which means ALWAYS BE CAREFUL!). The only weapon that will be able to protect us from being a prey.


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