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Here are three common Internet email scams that you should be aware of

Updated on December 16, 2010

Three internet email scams

There are many internet email scams floating around, and as time goes by the people behind the scams seem to becoming more clever, and more creative with the emails that they are sending out ot people. Nobody can be one-hundred percent sure where these scammers get email addresses from but once they get your email address than you can be bombarded with email scams so often, and you will notice your spam inbox filling up very quickly. Many people know how to tell if an email is from a scammer, but there are also newbies to the internet, a lot of newbies, who may sometimes fall victim to some internet email scams. Sometimes experience internet users fall to some internet email scams, but below is a list of some email scams that go around, and this list may help you avoid becoming a victim to one of the many internet email scams going around.

Paypal email scam- There are quite a bit of Paypal email scams going around, and many people fall victim to this particular scam because the emails basically informs a person that their Paypal account is going to get deleted, usually the reasons vary but most of the time the email tells the person that their Paypal account will be deleted if they do not click on a link that usually directs them to type in their Paypal password and other information, or the email will ask for you to supply the information that they are asking via a simple reply. The scam email may come worded differently but the what the scammers are trying to do is to get the potential victim's Paypal information.

Widow email scam- This is a very common internet email scam and it seems that the people who send out this email scam is going for sympathy and they hope that you will have sympathy and fall for this email scam. The email will usually be fairly long, and tell a story of how a widow lost her loved one, and she was left with money and wants to give you some, or the email will tell of how a person lost their lives and you are being contacted because you are to inherit some money, or something along those lines. At the end of the email you will usually be instructed to give your bank account information as well as other personal details.

Lottery email scam- This is another very common email scam that many people fall victim to. Usually the email will state that you have won some kind of lottery for six or even seven figures, and they will usually ask you for very personal information such as bank account details and so forth.

These are very common email scams and usually if an email is asking you for very personal information in exchange for money, and you do not recognize the email address sending you the email, than you can usually bet that it is a scam.


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    • itsameanoldscene profile image

      itsameanoldscene 6 years ago from England

      I have received the PayPal scam email also, along with banks who I do not have an account with claiming my account has been accessed by a 3rd party, on one occasion I received an email from someone claiming to be a Nigerian army general who wanted my bank details to deposit millions of pounds into my account. The most recent & common one is from someone claiming to be from my local tax office saying I have a tax rebate due. I never ever open these but on occasion have forwarded to the fraud dept of the relevant companies who these scammers claim to be from.