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ipad do you need it?

Updated on June 19, 2011

A Fun Look At The ipad

This is how my idea of writing about ipads started, hubby wants one for xmas and I thought really how many gadgets does one household need.

Does anyone remember life before the internet and computers?

We already have 4 laptops and one desktop computer and the kids both have an iphone, so what is so good about these things they call ipads?

So an ipad , do you need it?

What can you do with an ipad

Apple offer free engraving when you buy an ipad so you get your name written on this wow i just want to rush out now and get one.

If you turn it upside down it makes a great mini table, ha just kidding.

I do not understand why you would buy one with only a small memory wouldn't you just go the whole hog if you are spending that much money.

You can put on your photos , yes but you can do this on a laptop or desktop computer as well , so I am not sold yet.

You can check emails, really but can't you do this on a computer or phone as well.

You can watch videos and tv, imagine the day when lounge rooms have no tv's in them just everyone sitting around watching there little ipads.

Youtube, just in case you have not seen enough videos at home on the computer because I am sure all of those out there with ipads do have computers as well , careful youtube downloads will use up a lot of your data allowance.

Ipods and Itunes , how funny I think carrying an ipod around to listen to music might be easier, I cant see joggers running around with one of these hooked on there waists.

Part 2 , what can an ipad do

So you can get over 200,000 apps, so like I said get the big memory one guys.

ibooks, goodbye to all you bookstores out there , it has been nice browsing and enjoying the thrill of buying that latest release novel but we dont need you anymore we have ipads to read from, where do we put the bookmark

Maps , now you can put in random searches and see if you can catch anyone doing naughty things on the beach and post it on facebook.

Notes , yes you can take notes , this may be a good one we will be able to save a tree. No running out of ink in your pen either but I hope you can type fast if you are in a meeting are class.

Calender, yes that is so you know when your credit card payment is due that you used to buy your ipad.

Contacts, I think I have these in my phone but you can never have someone's number documented to many times ,just remember when you break up with your partner to delete it from here as well as your phone.

Home screen , wow what a feature a home screen, it shows all your apps , I just hope you did not download 200,000 of them. They will not fit on one screen.

Spotlight search to help find what you are looking for on your ipad, now this is good for the older generation who can not remember what the features are.

You can never have enough add ons

Lets say you have bought yourself an ipad , now lets see what crap you can buy to make it better.

Cases , well I have to say this is a good idea as you would not want to scratch the screen.

So you need to buy an attachment to put your photos on, shouldn't this be like your laptop and just plug and download. more money to spend I guess.

Keyboard, wouldn't this just make it a little laptop, i thought the idea of an ipad was for ease of use take anywhere, you really don't want to carry a keyboard around as well.

Docks, yes more money to part with.

Earphones , I want to see people walking around listening to their ipads, that would be funny.

Do not forget the car charger , more money to Apple, just do not leave it in the car over summer , it may melt.

An a frame stand so it can sit up and be on show, it is a bit of a show of this ipad.

Now your choose of covers is huge so make sure you get one your ipad will like.

Funny Look At An Ipad


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