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iPad Car Seat Mounts - Apple iPad Headrest Holders for Automobiles

Updated on July 3, 2013

iPad car holders which install on the back of a headrest or car seat back come in a couple of different styles. The most common type mounts on to the metal extension poles which are visible when you raise and lower the headrest part of the seat. Most, if not all motor vehicles, have seats with adjustable headrest heights so these metal poles exist in all cases. The mount bracket clamps on to one or both poles and the iPad is held on a swivel mount which extends from this. The nice things about these is you can adjust the viewing angle to better suit your personal requirements and to avoid glare if need be.

The Best iPad Headrest Seat Mount For A Car or Other Motor Vehicle


Beware of some of the cheaper alternatives out there as some of those cheap plastic mounts are not going to hold the Ipad for long, or withstand the bouncing of a car or unruly children in the back seat. The Arkon universal ipad mount for car headrest featured here is a sturdy mount which is designed to mount onto the metal posts of all car, truck and van seats. It will swivel from left to right for a better viewing angle and can also rotate through portrait and landscape mode as you desire.


The other alternative I have seen in a few cases, is an iPad case cover which slips over the headrest itself and provides a way to slip the gadget in and out of the case as you desire. I think the sleeve type is a more stable and secure alternative to the above option but doesn't allow for twisting and tilting the viewing angle. The outward facing part of the case is see-through or even just wide open so you can have easy access and viewing to the screen whilst still having a secure sleeve mounting it to the back of the chair.

Why Mount An Ipad To The Back Seat Of A Car Anyway?

If you have ever traveled long distances with children then you know what a nightmare that can sometimes become. Inbuilt car DVD players are one optional extra which many new cars now come with the help entertain them on road trips and to help keep you, the driver, sane for the same duration but that’s not something everyone can afford or wants to install in their car. A fantastic, and dare I say it, a much better option is to mount an iPad or two back there instead using a car headrest mounting kit.

The iPad gives your backseat passengers, whether they be teenagers, adults or youngsters, a huge range of entertainment options whilst keeping their hands free to do other things. An iPad headrest holder mounts onto the back of the front seat’s headrest putting the device at the perfect viewing height for the passengers in the back.

A Headrest Mount Promotes Better Posture and Lessens Travel Fatigue

Sure, you might be thinking the people in the back can just go ahead and hold their iPads for the duration of your journey, why do I even need a headrest mount in the first place!

Well, there are several good reasons for doing so. An iPad attached to a seat back puts the device at the perfect viewing height for those in the back seat. Attaching an iPad to a headrest places it at head height which means the viewer can sit naturally with their head facing forward which is much more comfortable. Without a headrest mounted iPad the passenger would need to hold it up in front on their face to maintain the same good posture which would get very tiring on their arms.

Equally, if you do not know how to attach an ipad to a car seat then you are stuck with holding it which ultimately means it'll bein your lap with your head craned downwards to look at it. This is guaranteed to leave you with a stiff neck and sore shoulders by the end of a movie. Besides, this is an expensive gadget, wouldn't you rather have it securely mounted on a seat back rather than worrying about it being dropped or otherwise mishandled where you can't really see it.

Some Other Concerns

An iPad seat mount doesn't interfere with the person whose seat it is mounted on. It doesn't make the headrest less comfortable or anything like that so no need to worry on that score. The way they are designed makes them easy to install and easier still to remove the iPad too and from the holder when it is not being used. No, you're not permanently installing an Ipad in a car but rather you can take it with you when you leave the house by quickly slotting it in and out of the mounting case.

Of course, if you WANT this to be a permanent solution then it can be, just leave it mounted back there, but for most of us, we want our favorite gadget on hand at all times not stuck in the back of our vehicle.

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