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iPhone Audio Programming

Updated on May 22, 2012

Programming Audio on the iPhone

Audio programming on the iPhone is one of its most powerful feature. Unfortunately it can also be one of the most complex areas to understand. There are a variety of ways to include audio in an iPhone application, and these resources offer a basic introduction to many of the ways to do this. These f resources will get you started with programming audio on the iPhone.

Programming Audio Units On The iPhone

Audio Units are the most complex and low level method of programming audio on the iPhone. These websites will get you started understanding how audio unit programming works.

Programming iPhone Audio Using OpenAL

In addition to using Apple's Core Audio services, the iPhone also supports audio using the OpenAL API.

Resources from Amazon

Learning Core Audio: A Hands-On Guide to Audio Programming for Mac and iOS
Learning Core Audio: A Hands-On Guide to Audio Programming for Mac and iOS

Apple's Core Audio API can be quite challenging to understand, and Apple's documentation can at times seem confusing. This highly anticipated book promises to take some of the difficulty out of learning and using Core Audio.


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