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Updated on February 2, 2011

AT&T iPhone 4 vs. Verizon iPhone 4

Much awaited apple iphone 4 Verizon will be available form February 10Th onwards.Those who are not familiar about Verizon just understand that it is a new carrier for apple's iphone.Apple has officially confirmed that they will able to sell this phone as first come first serve method from the apple retail store.Apple fans can also buy this phone from Apple Online Store and the shipping would be free.So we can get this phone as free door delivery.

But the availability is still confusing that apple says that they have only limited version of this new Verizon iphone 4.So if you are interested in buying this revolutionary phone don't waste time order right now at apple online store.

As always tech reviewers hare not convinced in this new carrier of iphone.The main pionts which they are criticizing the new iphone4 Verizon is that users will be locked into new 2-year contracts. Their new phones, though maybe better at holding calls better than their AT&T counterparts, will still be old news just a few months after birth.

Now we are not sure about the tariff of Verizon on iphone.After getting the tariff details i will update this post.But probably new iphone4 Verizon will come up with some crazy deal to make its warmed-over iPhone 4 undeniably tempting—unlimited data would be a start, since the phones cost the same as on AT&T.

As far as i know the plans will be better on New Verizon iphone4 but is you are considering upgrade then better stick with AT&T.

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