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iPod Touch Stuff

Updated on April 1, 2013

Fun iPod Touch Apps and Accessories

Find iPod Touch stuff to make your device even more fun and useful! Everything from unique covers and accessories to personalize your iPod to fun apps and tricks!

My daughter received a Touch for Christmas, and we have been having a great time learning all that this amazing piece of equipment can do for her. It is a non-stop adventure as we figure this thing out and have a lot of fun doing it!

The Apple products are wonderfully accessible for blind users, so finding apps that are useful for her has been very gratifying. So many things in life are not in a format that blind people can use easily, but there are an exceptional number of applications that are accessible to the blind. We have been having a tremendous experience exploring all of these! If you are a sighted user, your experience is bound to be even more incredible!

One of the fun things about owning an Purple Zebra Print iPod Touch Skin

Buy an iPod Touch

If you do not need a phone, or do not want to pay monthly fees, the iPod Touch will do most everything an iPhone will do. You have access to the same apps as are used by the iPhone and the iPad. My daughter loves hers. There are so many uses for this device it is impossible to list them all!

Click the link to get all the details about the iPod Touch!

Apple iPod touch 8 GB 3rd Generation (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Apple iPod touch 8 GB 3rd Generation (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

This is the third generation model. There are two newer models that are so cool Amazon won't let me display them here. If you click through you can view all of the models.

The iPod Touch comes in black or white. You will want to buy a skin to protect your iPod Touch. This will also allow you to personalize your device.

Choose from 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB.


Protective Skin for Your iPod Touch 5G - iTouch 5th Generation Case

You will need a skin to protect your iPod Touch. This one is very popular and well-liked!

We have this skin for my daughter's device. It is well-made and durable. It was very easy to put on and works very well.

Evecase Silicone Skin Cover Case for Apple iPod Touch iTouch 5th Generation (2012 Version) (Blue)
Evecase Silicone Skin Cover Case for Apple iPod Touch iTouch 5th Generation (2012 Version) (Blue)

This skin comes in 10 different colors including black, white, clear, blue, yellow, green, hot pink, purple, orange and red. We got the clear one, which looks sharp on the metallic Touch.

At this price it is easy to switch your skin to match your mood or your outfit of the day!


Rhinestone Cover for iPod Touch

If you like glitter and glitz, you will love this protective rhinestone-studded cover for your Touch!

Penguin Case for iPod Touch

You get five cute penguin cases for a great price! One each in hot pink, black, purple, green and blue!

Angry Birds Case for iPod Touch

Angry Birds fans will love this fun protective case! Comes in red, black, yellow or green Pig King!

Protective Skin for iPod Touch 4G

Find a new skin to protect your iPod Touch 4th Generation! There are plenty to choose from and at some great prices!

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Chargers for iPod Touch

When we bought our iPod Touch we thought we would simply charge it with the included USB cable plugged into our computer. We quickly decided this was not as satisfactory as we had hoped. Plugging the device into the computer causes the computer to run iTunes software, which ties up available memory. The device will only charge when the computer is turned on. Charging takes several hours.

One of the first things we purchased for the iPod was a port that allows us to charge it while plugged into an electrical outlet. This works much better than plugging it into the computer all the time!

Buy iPod Touch Stuff on eBay

Find great accessories for your iPod Touch on eBay today! We love to shop on eBay for all kinds of unique items. We find a lot of bargains there too!

iPod Touch Stuff Videos - Apps, Accessories & Other Fun Stuff!

Tell us about your favorite iPod Touch stuff! Do you like any of the protective covers or other accessories? - What great stuff do you have (or hope to get) for

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