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Ways to Use Your Fluke Mini IR Thermometer

Updated on April 1, 2015

My Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer

This is my Fluke 62 IR Thermometer. I've had it for about a year now.

When I first got it I wondered what else can I do with this thing?

Well to my surprise, I've found many ways to use it since then.

I've used it to test temperatures of food, it is non contact so no food ever touches it.

You just point it at whatever you want to test and pull the trigger.

A red laser points at whatever you are measuring and the temp comes up instantly on the mini screen.

I've used it to find cold spots where the heat in my house was leaving.

I used it to see how hot my engine was, or to see how cold my air conditioning is in the car and at home.

I also used it to see how hot my radiators were getting in the house.

With a bit of imagination, this could be used for lots of things.

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This tool has a laser that is very powerful and should not be left around for children to pick up and use.

Never point this tool at someones eyes as it could cause permanent damage.

Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer Personal Review

Arctic Star AR550 Mini Infrared Thermometer
Arctic Star AR550 Mini Infrared Thermometer

To me the Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer was a good investment. I needed it for a job and after the job was done, I found myself using it more and more for things I never thought of before.

As a tool, it is well made and has never not worked for me.

The 9 volt battery has been in it for over a year and is still going strong, and I use this at least once or twice a day, so thats saying alot.


Hands On Video - Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer

Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer Screen

fluke ir thermometer screen
fluke ir thermometer screen

This is the digital screen of the Fluke Thermometer. As you can see it instantly displays the temperature and at the bottom it keeps the highest temp reached in the session before the screen shuts off, about 10 seconds.

And you can see its set on Fahrenheit as opposed to Celsius which you can change it to inside the handle.

Inside the Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer

inside fluke 62
inside fluke 62

This is the inside of the Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer. You can see the 9 volt battery and right above the battery is the switch to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer - Maybe you can get a good deal on ebay.

The Fluke Model 62 IR Thermometer is the one I use and it has never let me down.

Fluke 63 IR Thermometer

The Fluke 63 is one of the latest IR Thermometers by Fluke

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    • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

      Dancing Cowgirl Design 3 years ago from Texas

      I use it sometime to check how cold the air is coming out of the a/c vent.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 3 years ago from GRENADA

      I don't have one but I see how it can be useful.