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Jackhammer Subwoofer Buying Guide

Updated on February 16, 2012

Everybody loves to listen music with subwoofer, and what if your subwoofer is a Jackhammer, you will simply experience the best quality bass sound of the world. Jackhammer is considered the ultimate bass making woofer. Before buying or leaning about Jackhammer series subwoofer let’s take a look at the basics of sub-woofer- what is subwoofer and what does it do?

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is basically a special type of speaker that can reproduce very low frequency sound, typically the frequency range between 20 Hz. To 130 Hz. One special characteristic of subwoofer is that its speaker diameter tends to be large, 20cm to 60 cm in diameter and consumer more power than normal speaker

jackhammer subwoofer
jackhammer subwoofer

Why subwoofer

A subwoofer mainly create low frequency audio rumble. When you go to watch a movie, you must have experienced how the movie audio create special sensation to your nerve. It is not because of normal audio sound, it is the low frequency rumbling sound that makes you feel the intensity of a movie scene. In fact sound effects created by woofers help to feel the sound deeply inside your brain

Quality of subwoofer

The quality of all the manufactured subwoofers are not the same, because the quality mainly depends of the material used to produce a woofer. Normally, reinforced paper, aluminum, carbon, polypropylene and each this material is responsible for creating specific sound effects. Much of the woofers sound quality and effects depend on the enclosures used to mount them. There are many types and sizes available for subwoofer enclosures and each type of enclosure has its own volume level and booming sound effect. Subwoofer can be purchased either with enclosure or without it and even you can customize your own enclosure size. So, before buying the woofer consult a sound engineer about the perfect size of your enclosure to get the exact sound effect you expect from your woofer. Or you can buy a subwoofer without any enclosure (unmounted subwoofer) and mount it with a custom made enclosure to fit your sound preferences.

What to Consider When Buying a Subwoofer

When you decide to buy a subwoofer at first decide about the volume level, sound effect, the size of enclosure, warranty, volume displacement capacity.

Volume displacement= Xmax X  Sd

Xmax =the amount of linear mechanical movement capacity of the speaker in meter

 Sd=  effective cone are of subwoofer in meter2

Jackhappmer subwoofer series

The following are the available Jackhammer subwoofer series. Among all the T9922 series are the most expensive with high output power and functionality. The rest of the models are called MTX with different output power and sizes.MTX series are suitable for installation in car has power output ranging from 200 to 800 Watt.

Jackhammer Super woofer Series

T9922-22 - MTX Audio 22" 6000 Watt Jackhammer Subwoofer

T9922-44 - MTX Audio 22" 6000 Watt Jackhammer Subwoofer

T9922-22 - MTX Audio 22" 6000 Watt Jackhammer Subwoofer

  • Diameter: 22" Subwoofer
  • Mounting Depth: 21-1/16"
  • Voice Coil: 6.5"
  • Frequency: 20Hz - 150
  • Power in RMS (Watts) : 6,000
  • Weight : 350 pounds
  • Model: T9922-22
  • Warranty: one year
  • Price : $6,550.00

JackHammer Series for Car

If you are looking for a JackHammer for your car then you can have a look at the following model with various sizes and output power.

  1. MTX JackHammer JH4510-04 - Car subwoofer driver - 200 Watt - 10"
  2. MTX JackHammer JH4512A - Car subwoofer - 250 Watt – black
  3. MTX JackHammer JH4512-04 - Car subwoofer driver - 250 Watt - 12"
  4. MTX JackHammer JH5512-04 - Car subwoofer driver - 400 Watt - 12"
  5. MTX JackHammer JH4512X2D - Car subwoofer - 500 Watt - black
  6. MTX JackHammer JH5512X2D - Car subwoofer - 800 Watt - high-gloss black

Why MTX Subwoofer

MTX Jackhammer is the largest production of subwoofer components of MTX Audio. Since Jackhammer has the worldwide reputation for it massive production power and quality, they consistently innovate new product and review their price to give its consumer to taste the best sound quality at competitive price without compromising the contraction and material quality of subwoofer. Over the years they have gained formidable consumer confidence by producing top-class woofer, and owing a Jackhammer means something that you never regret after the purchase. For more information about customer review on Jackhammer products you can visit Amazon and they also sell Jackhammers at much competitive price than any other retailers.

jackhammer subwoofer


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