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JamPlay vs Learn & Master Guitar vs GuitarTricks

Updated on April 11, 2012

Learn Guitar Online or via DVD? What?

If you're looking into learning to play the guitar without the help of a private instructor, you're most likely going to choose between the online guitar lesson sites and, and the DVD based Learn and Master Guitar by Gibson.

Let's have a look at each of these methods, and see which one fits you most.

The verdict first

If you'd rather read the short version of the article :-)

I would go with either Jamplay or GuitarTricks rather than Learn and Master Guitar, since they are cheaper, and offer more variety.

Any of the above methods would be good, and is actually very popular among newbie guitarists nowadays. When you perform a side-by-side comparison between learning to play guitar from a music teacher and online (or DVDs), you will realize that the later option has many major advantages, for instance:

  • Review the lessons at any time,
  • Enormous price advantages, since the most effective online guitar courses will only cost around $10-$20 per month with a years worth of training, which would cost thousands coming from a private music teacher,
  • Learn whenever you want from your own home, without having to go to the instructors home and meet his / her agenda,
  • The online curriculum may even be a lot more full than what a personal instructor can provide you with.

JamPlay review

Detailed look into

One of the most well-liked beginners guitar training websites is Jamplay. I carried out a complete review of the website, to see exactly how beginners guitar enthusiasts can benefit from their tutorials. About 1 hour into our Jamplay evaluation, and we were already satisfied. The site is utterly enormous. They've got thousands of video guitar lessons in all difficulty levels, addressing many styles. Jamplay even offers several beneficial guitar tools, for example the metronome, jam tracks, chord library, and so on. Browsing through the tutorials will be easy, which is great, considering that simply finding the thing you wish to learn from the 1000s of lessons they have might otherwise be a pain.

When you get started studying the acoustic guitar at Jamplay, you are likely to proceed through their 3 "Phases": Absolute beginner lessons for new guitarists, Genre courses (such as blues, rock and roll, etc.), and learning to play your favorite tunes. The cool thing about Jamplay seemed to be the framework of the website. Even though you'll find around 45 teachers currently, the website format lets you move forward through the lessons in a simple, sensible manner. Several Jamplay's teachers have courses on almost every genre, to make sure you should be able to find the instructors you enjoy most.

Jamplay can teach you the following styles of music:

Acoustic, Alternative, Bluegrass, Blues, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Surf,


- Excellent search function, so that you can easily browse the many video tutorials.

- The guitar modules are all interconnected, referring to other lessons if needed.

- Great pricing (only $20 a month)

- You can save some money with JamPlay coupons

Nonetheless, there are a few negative features we found at Jamplay:

- Right now there are over 50 guitar teachers in total, but some are much better than others.

- Video lessons and guitar tools are not downloadable, like Jamplay's main competitor, GuitarTricks.

Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar opinion

Important things to consider when looking at the LMG DVDs

Learning to play guitar with Learn and Master Guitar is actually a perfectly good substitute to finding a personal guitar tutor. Learn and Master Guitar with Steve Krenz provides a huge range of benefits, that a personal tutor won't be able to offer. The price difference is one of the biggest advantages of learning by way of the Learn and Master DVDs, because it will cost a fraction of what one could commonly spend on a private instructor.

If you want to start learning the guitar with DVD guitar lessons, you'll find many to choose from all over the net.

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar will be the right choice for you if you happen to be a beginner who wants to to learn the electric guitar. If you are looking through the best guitar lesson DVDs, you're in the best place. Take a look at just what is included in the L&M DVD curriculum:

  • Structured lessons that build on one another. This also means that to advance, you will have to grasp everything up to that point in the course. In other words, practice as much as possible.
  • Seeing precisely what your guitar teacher is showing is actually crucial, which means that you'll see up close both of his arms throughout the DVD lessons.
  • On-screen animated graphics, chord graphs as well as tablature are all things that the very best DVD courses, like Learn and Master Guitar will employ.
  • Supplemental material shipped along with the DVD, to use when you practice by yourself.
  • Learn and Master Guitar includes not just the basic techniques and guitar theory, but additionally specific styles, including the blues, rock, classical, and so on.
  • Learning theoretical concepts by seeing as well as hearing it is much simpler than attempting to memorize everything by itself. Learn and Master Guitar features an abundance of examples built-into the videos.
  • The DVDs additionally present specific chapters about what you need to practice to advance. Well guided practice sessions will be a lot more efficient than trying to duplicate exactly what Steve Krenz was playing throughout the lessons.
  • Courses which teach songs are the most useful, since the ultimate goal is to play real songs. And Learn and Master Guitar has them.

If you've chosen to start teaching yourself the guitar , you can't go wrong with Learn and Master Guitar. The web is actually overloaded with beginners guitar instructional products and solutions, but only the leading DVD guitar courses will meet the above expectations.

Should you be all set to start learning to play guitar from home, have a look at this Learn and Master Guitar Review. It can have you playing your guitar inside an acceptable amount of time with enough practice.

GuitarTricks evaluation

The details of

In case you're considering learning the guitar on the internet, GuitarTricks is actually a great location to start. In the course of our review of GuitarTricks, we saw that the guitar lesson site is massive. There are instruction spanning all different guitar genres and levels of playing, so it suits everybody from the complete novice to very experienced players as well.

The lessons are structured and categorized in several various ways, which is a requirement, given the number of guitar lessons available. A person can easily search according to skill level (absolute beginner, beginner, easy, intermediate, advanced as well as extreme), which in turn will save you time and effort because it's not necessary to search through tutorials that are way too easy, too hard, or simply not your thing.

The musical genres you can study at GuitarTricks:

- Bluegrass

- Classical

- Blues

- Rock

- Funk

- Jazz

- Surf, etc.

It is possible to learn to play similar to famous guitarists:

Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, and numerous others...


- Many different ways you are able to browse and seek out guitar lessons (skill level, inspiration, teacher, style).

- Among the best features we found through our GuitarTricks evaluation is that training videos on the site are all downloadable, and you receive a no cost offline video player to watch these with.

- Inexpensive tuition, helping you save 1000s of dollars on guitar instructor expenses.

The things we didn't like about GuitarTricks:

- There are a few older video tutorials, which are of very low production quality (roughly 4% of the video lessons).


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