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Key Rings For Digital Photos

Updated on September 13, 2014
Find Digital Photo Keychain details at
Find Digital Photo Keychain details at | Source

Mom's Love To Show Off The Kid's Newest Photos

Gone are the days when we would need to carry around a bulky photo album to show off the latest photos of our kids or our grand children. Now we can do this in a digital form (on a keyring sized gadget) and we can update the images we want to carry around in a snap. You can update the photos easily and show them off when you are on your daily errands.

Sharing photos is on or the precious joys in life so this gadget to share digital photos with your friends is the best.

Great for mom or anyone who would like to have some photos on hand to show anywhere they go.

Consider this as a gift for photographers as well. Or Real Estate Agents... Any business could use these as mini-commercials to pass around to clients (then they share them while they are on errands).

They can put a few samples from their portfolio (brand, service, product, or anything you can photograph) and at this price they could be used as gifts for clients as well.

Not Just For Mom Anymore

When you take photos you like to share them. What better way to share them then with a keyring digital slideshow? You can share them on the go and have the joy of seeing your friends light up when they see your child or grandchild's smile.

Another amazing thing about digital slide shows (on a key ring) is you can give them as gifts. A great gift for Mom and Grandmothers.

They are affordable so you might consider putting different events on different keyrings.

  • Give mom and dad your collection of nature photos or your artwork.
  • Give your teacher an end of the year gift with a photo of each of your classmates.
  • Create a club album for each member of your groups
  • Use it as a photo backup for important papers for emergencies away from home

Can you think of other ideas to use this little device?

Retro Moment -- We Were Sharing Photos Like This

License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use
License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use | Source

Great Gift Ideas

There are so many people who could find a great use for digital keychain photo albums. They are so cost effective they could be given to clients who want to explore the work you do, or want to buy a house or other products or services from you.

Better than a business card!

Matsunichi Keychain Digital Picture Viewer
Matsunichi Keychain Digital Picture Viewer

This one reminds me of a cell phone. The grandkids are going to love seeing their photos on this device.

I like the style of this keychain and know it would be a welcome gift for Grandmothers. Would this be a style you would use to share your digital photo collection.


This is a fabulous gift for Grandmothers

I am a grandmother and I love to show off pictures to friends. I believe many parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles feel the same way. Why not give them a great set of photos already on the key ring so they can start to share them right away?

Also a great gift for clients (if you are a photographer, real estate agent, any kind of planner or coordinator)... the price is so low for each you can order a dozen and put pictures on them to give to clients or potential clients.

Think of these as tiny business cards (mini commercials) that your client is sure to have along to share with others to bring you even more potential business.

Commercial On A Keyring

Great way to show your services or your portfolio in pictures

Give away these great key rings for digital photos to show off your portfolio, show your clients options for your services, take your clients on a slide show virtual tour (to show homes or designs).

Give a key ring with photos of items you sell!

Provide your client with a slideshow of your jewelry, your personal care items, vacation options, and more.

There are no limits to the number of item types you can show on a digital photo key ring.

If You Need Your Photos Covered?

The following Digital Key Chain Photo Viewer may be

just what you had in mind.

The Coolest Digital Key Chain Photo Viewer Look

NEXTAR N1-102 1.1-Inch Black Key Chain Photo Viewer
NEXTAR N1-102 1.1-Inch Black Key Chain Photo Viewer

The NEXTAR 1.1" Black Digital Key Chain Photo Viewer With Magnetic Screen Cover

Cover the key ring photo viewer when you are not looking at it. This protects the screen as well as giving you a bit of privacy when you don't want to share the photos. Think of the times when you are in line and you need to hand your keys to someone (so they can scan a membership card or something) you don't want to share your photos with complete strangers or people standing by.


Many ideas To Think About

When I started this page I was so excited about all of the ideas I kept thinking of. It seems my list was complete and then I started thinking of more ideas.

I would imagine even after you have read this whole page you are going to think of another idea to use this. I hope you will let me know in the comments guestbook at the end of this page. I would love to hear how you would use the keyring.

Remember I mentioned Real Estate Agents. I think they would enjoy using this so they can send photos with clients who are considering buying a house. I know... You are thinking they could simply look online. But, how about the option that they are out with friends and begin to share about the house they looked at? It would be a lot easier to hand off the keyring than it would be to pass around your cell phone right?

Artists can create little photo galleries on them and have them ready to show gallery owners or art collectors when they are out running errands.

It is great for those last minute unexpected times when you wish you had synced your iOS with your photo gallery and even if you did... what is the one thing you have with you even when you leave your purse or briefcase at home? I would answer Keys.

Carry Photos Every Time You Leave The House

License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use
License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use | Source

© 2012 Deb Bryan


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