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Learn Guitar Chords For Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Updated on January 22, 2016

Learn to Play Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Perfect Day by Lou Reed is a perfectly dreamy song! Can you play it at all? Oh it's such a perfect day.... If I had a Perfect Day I'd like to spend it with you and teach you this wonderful song! I had to make this lens 100 - the song has been going through my head all day long in the Lou Reed version and Susan Boyle's video of Perfect Day gave me the tingles the other day.

Velvet Underground - what a great name to conjure with! However, Lou Reed made Perfect Day with David Bowie producing shortly after he left Velvet Underground. It features on the album Transformer. So... for my 100th lens I would like to do something really special and share what I know about this gorgeous song, maybe show you how to play the chords, perhaps encourage you to sing along with a video or two or simply just listen to some gorgeous music! So - let's play Perfect Day by Lou Reed.

Image, Creative Commons, courtesy of Danny Norton

Lou Reed Perfect Day Lyrics and Music - Lyrics to Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Enjoy Lou Reed's version and sing along with the lyrics provided....

Lou Reed Transformer - An Iconic Album

This is an amazing album, featuring Perfect day and many other great songs.

Buy Lou Reed Sheet Music Perfect Day - The Perfect Song.... Lou Reed Perfect Day Sheet Music On Sale

It is hard to purchase the piano music of Perfect Day by Lou Reed although I found a version by Susan Boyle in an easier key. You can also click on the links to find out more about Lou Reed and his music.

Learn Guitar Chords for Perfect Day - Learn these shapes to play Lou Reed's Perfect Day

Chords to play Lou Reed's Perfect Day
Chords to play Lou Reed's Perfect Day

Lou Reed's song is harmonically rich with smooth key changes throughout. This makes it a little complicated to play. I put this graphic together to give you the chords you need to play the song. One of the reasons for the dark emotional depth is that the song Perfect Day is actually played with a capo at fret 1. This means it starts basically in B flat minor - the five flats give the verse of Perfect Day a rich, dreamy, dark and warm quality. In the chorus in reverts to the major key and B flat is a strong, solid sounding key. This really lifts it. In the rock genre, Perfect Day is a Perfect Masterpiece!

Lou Reed in Print - Sheet Music, Books and Resources

The Lou Reed Songbook: Six Strings and the Words
The Lou Reed Songbook: Six Strings and the Words
Lots of songs and an intro by Lou reed himself. Songs include Berlin, Coney Island Baby, Ecstasy, Goodnight Ladies, Guardian Angel , Pale Blue Eyes, Ride Sally Ride, Rock and Roll, Sweet Jane, This Magic Moment, Walk on the Wild Side and more and also lots of rare photos.

Guitar Tab for Lou Reed Perfect Day - Links to Lou Reed Perfect Day TABs

This is a list of links to TAB versions of Perfect Day by Lou Reed and Duran Duran

All Yesterdays' Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971
All Yesterdays' Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971
Now I can't get that song out of my head! This book tells you all about how Velvet Underground were discovered by Andy Warhol and how their music differed in the era of flower power!

Lou Reed Sings Perfect Day - Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Respect to the man himself! I am not sure why this song Perfect Day is classified as Glam Rock, but I don't really care. Lou Reed has reinvented himself many, many times!

The Velvet Underground: An Illustrated History of a Walk on the Wild Side
The Velvet Underground: An Illustrated History of a Walk on the Wild Side
Inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame in 1996, the Velvet Underground “opened wounds worth opening with brutal imagery, without apology” (Patti Smith) and influenced many, many bands.

Perfect Day - A poem

Perfect Day - A Poem Influenced by Lou Reed

Written at a time of deep personal trouble, this poem was a testament to faith and gratitude....

Perfect Day

It's such a perfect day....

Rain showers my windshield,

Mud flies in abandon.

I drive slowly,

Paying attention

To each sly bend in the river

Of glistening tarmac -

I'd like to spend it with you....

Oh! It's such a perfect day....

Bashful children guiltily smile,

Red faced, but eager,

Practice a legend,

Music forgotten,

Yet obediently play

Bright Yuletide songs.

They just keep me hanging on.....

And you keep me hanging on

Through the bliss of inner sunshine;

Snatched free time walking

Through rain-scoured streets

Gilt framed with fiery golden charm

Of Autumn hedgerows

And vibrant living conifer green.

Cold wind bids me

Turn my collar

Yet promises the snug warmth

Of my Spartan workroom.

Timid rays creep smiling,

Bashful as clumsy children,

Between drizzling clouds;

Foretaste of a bold parade

Through golden guard of honour

On winding, tree-lined lanes.

Fresh air! Fresh joy! Fresh puddles

To skim in silent laughter

On this,

My journey into blithe instruction.....

You just keep me hanging on

In Faith, in Love, in Gratitude -

Such a Perfect Day!

© Lisa Gabriel, 6th December 2005


I was so glad to share some of it with my friends. I hope you enjoyed my Lens Number 100....


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