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Shocking Facts about Dating

Updated on April 17, 2016

1. 4 out of 10 Workplace Relationships Lead to Marriage

Some Facts from

This surely quite a number and will attract many likes. Though the workplace relationships are mainly seen as flirting and have made it a obvious reason to -"why people date"....

2. Studies have demonstrated that women easily attract to men who wear the color- blue

Blue has a tendency to be the most loved color in Europe & America, and is related more with confidence, faithfulness, sympathy and friendship, so that may be a reason behind this.

3. In the year 1999, Rabbi invented speed dating

As per some sources, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Los Angeles invented the speed dating as an approach for busy Jewish singles to meet one another. The idea rapidly spread and got the maximum likes all across the globe.

4. For most of the couples, it takes 6 - 8 dates to have an exclusive relationship

This might lead to many likes, however we don't precisely urge counting dates to know whether you like a person or not. Simply go for the likes that suit your inner self.

5. Within 3 seconds, a person can decide whether he or she is attracted to someone or not....

This fact was made available by University of Pennsylvania, where analysts contemplated information from more than 10,000 daters. Simply the first impression will lead to more likes for everyone in most of the cases.

6. Normally, the perfect time to wait for somebody's call is two to four days, but less than four to five days

Most of the time people choose the option of waiting. You will always find more likes for following the gut, yet waiting for 2 to 3 days is a decent idea. Whatever may happen, you do not call the next day after the date-you might look very desperate.

7. Exciting location of the first date make people fall for each other most of the times.....

We all love excitement and danger in our lives, undoubtedly, and those are the likes that creating bonding with other individuals. Movie and dinner is kind of boring and things that most of your like must be included.

8. Three to five months is mostly the time for breakups......

All things considered, most of the relationships don't end too horrendously. The stage before this kind of interval is frequently alluded as the "honeymoon," however you have to look out once the excitement and magic is over. Simply go for the likes of the person you prefer.

9. A normal individual will go for date at least 100 times before getting married.....

This is the reason we all feel to get over the dating period so rapidly to wrench out those one hundred dates as quickly as possible. What's more, we all are speculating that blind date does not count and immediately fled the scene with likes of without considering it a date.


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