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Logitech G7

Updated on June 4, 2010

Logitech G7

Logitech G7
Logitech G7

Introduction to the Logitech G7

There is a wide range of cordless mice out there, but the Logitech G7 is by far the best. The Logitech G7 and it's sister mouse (The Logitech G5, which runs via USB) have both the greatest reaction times and most accurate lasers than any of the competition!

The Logitech G7 is by far one of the best wireless mice for gaming and any work which requires detail and 'on the ball' adjustable mouse speeds.

The Logitech G7 looks good, moves smoothly, has a great 7-8 hour battery life (And comes with two batteries so you can always swap out!) not to mention a wide range of snazzy functions with the Logitech peripheral manager.

The main reason that people avoid great mice such as the Logitech G7 is because of the price, which can reach close to $80. However, the Logitech G7 will last a lifetime, and maintain performace whichbeats even teh brand new performance of other wireless mice.

Benefits of the Logitech G7

The Logitech G7 gaming mouse has many features which not only surpass the market average, but also the high quality construction makes sure that the Logitech G7 last a lifetime! Unlike the Logitech G5, the Logitech G7 has no customizable weights. This means that some people who use this mouse for gaming, it may feel a tad light.

The mouse itself is connected to your computer via Bluetooth, which is the fastest wireless technology available. This connection easily allows enough data to pass for the high spec resolutions that the Logitech G7 provides.

The Logitech G7 allows you to have between three and 5 speed settings which can be changed via two easily accessible buttons on the mouse. These can be customized with the included Logitech software for any values between 400 and 2000 dpi.

This range of detection speeds gives you a wide range of benefits.

The first benefit of the Logitech G7's mouse speed settings being that if you play online games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare you can quickly adjust your mouse speed to exactly what you need in the game. This allows for much more accurate sniping, and faster reactions when you need them in close range combat.

Where to Buy Logitech G7

The cheapest way to buy Logitech G7 gaming mouse is by finding great deals on the Logitech G7 online. While you can buy a brand new Logitech G7 on Amazon, you can often find cheaper deals on eBay for a brand new Logitech G7 gaming mouse!

If you want to buy Logitech G7 Gaming mice online you could save a huge amount of money.

While the Logitech G7 may seem like an expensive USB wireless mouse, the Logitech G7 will last a long time. Much longer than any other branded wireless mice.

If you are looking to buy a Logitech G7 mouse online you really are doing the right thing. The Logitech G7 is one of the world's best wireless mice, and it's reputation is incredibly well founded.


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