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mac mini skins

Updated on July 3, 2011

Just got a new Mac Mini and find it a bit boring looking? Why not liven it up with a new outfit? Mac Mini Skins are the newest trend for the fashionable geek. The come either as a simple top cover sticker or as a 'full body dress' for your little treasure. Apart of looking cool, they also protect your Mac Mini against scratches, smudges, stains and dust. I put a little collection together to show you what is available.

Liven Up Your Electronics!
Liven Up Your Electronics! | Source

Top Cover Skins

Like the name says, these only cover the top of your Macintosh mini computer. Self-adhesive vinyl stickers that can be easily applied and removed again without leaving any 'stickies' behind. Some of them also exist for your ipod so you can dress up all your geeky Apple equipment in matching 'partner look'.

Mac Mini as bought
Mac Mini as bought

Make your own Mac Mini Skin

A very special way of decorating your Mac Mini is with an own design or photo that nobody than you has. Skinit allows you to upload your own image and prints it for you on a ready cut self-adhesive skin. They make also great gifts for friends and family!
How to skin your Mac Mini
Dressing your Mac Mini up is really easy. Each skin comes with exact instructions how to apply it. Just make sure you read the instructions, your Mac Mini surface is clean and dry and you are good to go!


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