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Macbook Pro User Review

Updated on October 3, 2014
Source: Morguefile
Source: Morguefile

User Review

I've been using MacIntosh computers since the 1990s; a 17-inch MacBook Pro since shortly after they came out in 2006.

In this Hubpage, I share my insight on the MacBook Pro.

I have not always used a MacIntosh. Like many of you, I used an IBM compatible at work. Initially, I bought an IBM compatible for the home business. But it didn't take me long to realize I needed a Mac.

We long ago abandoned the IBM compatible computer; this Hubpage tells you why.

The MacBook Pro

I am on my MacBook Pro more hours in a day than I can count. With a work-at-home business, I am on my computer on and off from early in the morning until late at night. I am a writer, a photographer, an editor, a layout artist, book cover designer, a proofreader, etc. I recently launched an online magazine. All of the work is done on the computer.

My 17-inch MacBook Pro has been a veritable workhorse.

* The MacBook Pro is great for art -- layout and design, photography, logo creation, original art creation, cartooning, animations, poster designs, creating brochures and newsletters. Its naturally intuitive interface is very appealing and traditionally has been used by artists and desktop design professionals.

* Macs are great for music. You very likely may find a Mac at work at your music recording studio. I did. Macs are known for their power and music creativity. I self produced three Scripture song CDs using my Mac Powerbook G4 and the studio. Mind you, the studio had lots of stuff I didn't, but we both had Macs. I later learned I could do a simple recording myself -- using my Mac. I've also used by Mac to produce audiobooks.

* Macs are simpler to use, in my humble opinion. I have used both. At first I thought both were necessary for compatibility purposes. But the world has changed. And, guess what? Many people are changing to the Mac. You may pay more for a Mac, but you get more, lots more. It is well worth it.

* My 17-incher packs a lot of power in a small, portable box. I love the portability of the laptop. I have taken the MacBook Pro or my G4 laptop on assignment as a reporter to meetings, on mini-vacations where I'm shooting photographs, to the music studio during a recording session, to meet with potential clients, and in the car to use during that off time waiting in the pick-up line at school, etc. You can store your work in one accessible place where it is ready for you when you are ready for it. The battery makes it cordless, but the cord is easy and convenient to use whenever there is a plug-in.

In 2012, I purchased the upgraded model of the MacBook Pro 17-incher with more memory and faster speed. I wanted to have a DVD drive rather than a skinnier laptop without one.

A Word about Tablets

In many professions, the tablet is king. Light and portable, some can be carried around in a pocket. From patient to patient in a doctor's office or hospital. Or out in the field, whatever type of work you're doing.

Tablets are meant to be used by touch -- but a keyboard add on is available if you want to use it.

So if you really must be light and portable, perhaps a Macbook Pro isn't the best device for you. But if you want to use a keyboard to write -- or for data entry of any kind -- you may want to consider a Macbook Pro. Or if you want to do art or music. like I mentioned earlier.

Large display monitors

Large displays enable you to use your MacBook Pro for business presentations, to watch movies, perform detailed digital artwork and more!

Cheryl Rogers
Cheryl Rogers

About the Author

We bought my first home business computer in 1989 before I quit my newspaper job. As a writer, I thought my needs would be relatively simple, and easily met, so my primary goal was compatibility. As a consequence, my first computer was not a Mac. It was an IBM compatible computer that was supposed to last a long time.

I've learned a lot since then.

I've been through several computers through the years. It didn't take long to figure out I wanted to do more than writing on my computer. And when you enter the world of graphic art, you need a Mac to be compatible! So I ventured into the Mac world with a II si. I soon graduated to a Quadra, and then to the Mac PowerBook G4 and the MacBook Pro.

Personally, I prefer the laptop models because of their portability. Even though I work at home, I like being able to move the computer from room to room at my whim. I can sit at the dining room table when I want to use a mouse and edit/upload photos, or I can kick back on the recliner in the living room and just write. A desktop model is more formal, but it gets the job done, and I can see some folks preferring it. Maybe it helps keep you focused on work when you're sitting at "the desk." Maybe you are more fully off if you are not staring at your laptop. I use my laptop for work and play, so sometimes the lines overlap.

So what am I doing on my Mac? Writing books, for one. I currently have 19 published as ebooks. One also is in print. Learn more here.

I also write magazine articles, do business writing, and assist other authors with their publishing endeavors (writing, editing, page layout and design, book design, formatting and print brokering). In my newspaper reporting days, I took notes with pen and ink on white or yellow notepads. Now I use my Macbook Pro, and type as fast as my fingers will go!

Using my Mac, I also have recorded three Scripture song CDs. I've also put together websites, using software on and offline Visit my website.

What do you prefer?

What kind of computing device do you use?

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You'll find the Macbook Pro available new in 13- and 15-inch configurations. The 13-inch is generally less expensive and compact, making it especially suitable for those who want to use it on-the-go.

I snagged one of the first, and one of the last, 17-inch models. You can still find them refurbished or used. Mine comes with a DVD drive, enabling me to watch movies and listen to CDs without an external device.

To protect my Macbook Pro when I carry it on vacation to store photographs, or to write on the go, I use a case with a long strap. I carry it like a shoulder bag.

Have you ever owned/used a Macbook Pro? Rate it!

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© 2014 Cheryl Rogers

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