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Mahalo Ukulele - Reviews and Buying Guide

Updated on November 6, 2013

Mahalo Ukulele - Top Choice for Beginners

Mahalo ukulele is the best brand to start with if you are a beginner looking to play the uke. They are affordable yet they produce great sound and are constructed well. And even if you are a seasoned player, you can always make beautiful music with the mahalo ukulele which by the way, also comes in bright bold colors and crazy, over the top designs.

In this lens, I will also be giving some reviews on where to find the best mahalo ukuleles on the web with good deals and prices. Also,I will be tackling on some tips on how to play your ukulele.

Natural Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

Black Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

Brown Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

Types of Ukulele

  • Soprano - "classic" ukulele; original and smallest ukulele; about 21 inches in length; with sweet tone and suitable for beginners; has 12 to 14 frets; tuned to GCEA
  • Concert - a bit bigger than soprano; 23 inches in length with deeper and bigger sound
  • Tenor - 26 inches in length; almost similar to 4-stringed guitar; famous among the professional musicians
  • Baritone - biggest ukulele at 30 inches in length; looks similar with mini guitar; has 4 different notes (G, B, D, E); can be the priciest ukulele and is popular amongst guitar players

Blue Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

Red Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

Purple Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

Light Blue Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

Pink Mahalo UkuleleCHECK PRICE

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History of Ukulele

  • 1879 - After Hawaiians heard a visiting sailor from Portugal playing a 4-stringed instrument known as machete, they adopted it as their very own, renaming it to ukulele.
  • 1915 - Following the showcase of the instrument at Hawaiian Pavilion during the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco, a ukulele-fueled music craze has sparked among the Hawaiians.
  • 1950 - The of use of Arthur Godfrey of ukulele on his radio and TV shows broadcasted all over the country has led to the sale of tons of plastic ukuleles which are being marketed under brand name Islander.
  • 1985 - The first concert of Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain was sold out.
  • 2009 - A new record in Guinness was set when 851 ukulele players performed together on London's streets.

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Checker BoardsCHECK PRICE

American FlagCHECK PRICE


Tips for Tuning Your Ukulele

  • You can tune the ukulele manually or with the help of an electronic tuner.
  • Opt for a great tuner but make sure that the instrument is tuned to itself regularly.
  • Test the tuning by playing chords.
  • Learn how to tune manually

Photo Credit: Flickr

How to Care for Your Ukulele

  • Secure a case for your ukulele.
  • Ensure that the ukulele is in proper tune.
  • Store the ukulele in room temperature.
  • Make sure that you have washed your hands prior to handling the instrument.
  • When the instrument gets dirty, use soft cloth for cleaning it.
  • The strings should be changed every 3 to 6 months.
  • If living in a dry area, always store a humidifier inside the ukulele's case.

Fun Facts About Ukulele

In Hawaiian, "ukulele" actually means "jumping flea."

Ukulele is popularly referred to as "Uke."

Flying V Mahalo Ukulele

Flying V mahalo ukuleles are inspired by the electric guitar model which was first released in the market by Gibson. Like what the name suggests, it's body has the shape of an inverted letter "V" and it was considered a radical futuristic body design in the late 1950s.

Mahalo Arrow Shaped Black Ukulele with Gig BagCHECK PRICE

Mahalo Arrow Shaped Pink Ukulele with Gig BagCHECK PRICE

Mahalo Arrow Shaped White Ukulele with Gig BagCHECK PRICE

Hey Soul Sister by Train

Be inspired playing your ukulele with this song Hey Soul Sister by Train as of Sep 21 2012, has sold over 6 million digital copies in the US.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      nice post! i play a little bit of the uke myself. i own a kala. but i heard mahalos are just awesome!


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