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Make Your Own Custom Online Invitations (Free and Paid Options)

Updated on November 6, 2012

Custom Email Invitations and RSVPs

I created a page that compared all the different online invitations several years ago. As time has gone on, the most common question I get is people asking which email invitation or RSVP service allows you to create custom "evites" (or online email invitations) and what customization features they allow (like 'can I upload my own video' 'can I record my own greeting' or 'can I use my own images').

So I've created this page to help explain those questions better, and to also offer you some resources to help you find great-looking email invitation designs that already exist.

I'll tell you up front whether each service is a free or paid custom online invitation solution.

Add Your Own Text

Custom Text is a Standard Online Invitation Option

It kind of goes without saying that you will want to modify the text in existing invitation and RSVP templates. Most online invitation, RSVP and sign-up services allow you to do this. If I run across some services that DON'T let you customize the text in the invitation, I'll list them here.

Add Your Own Photos

This might seem obvious, but most people want to be able to customize the email invitations they are sending out with a photo of their own (and not be stuck with pre-existing designs).

Several online invitation, RSVP and sign-up services offer this feature. Even Evite finally came on board and started allowing users to do this!

Upload Your Own Video

It is less common for RSVP, email invitation and sign up services to allow you to upload your own video (because this requires a lot of bandwidth and storage). However, there are some invitation services that allow you to do just this!

SmileBox allows you to upload your own videos so that they can be played in your outgoing invitation.

Choose Music to Play

Again, it is less common for invitation services to allow users to choose the music they want playing in the background of their online email invitation, and even more uncommon to be able to upload your own song. However, it is possible!

SmileBox allows you to choose between several existing songs or upload your own song.

Browse Online Invitation Designs by Theme - These Designs Come from All DIfferent Invitation, RSVP and Sign-Up Services

You might be surprised how far you can stretch the design of existing online invitation templates, without having to reinvent the wheel. There are a long of elegant designs that already exist.

SmileBox Desktop Application - Paid Custom Email Invitation and RSVP Solution

SmileBox allows you to upload photos, videos and choose your own music. However, it requires you to install a small application on your desktop. There's nothing wrong with that, but be careful when you install because it asks you if you want to install a SmileBox search engine and SmileBox toolbar that could be slightly spammy.

Have you created a custom email invitation or RSVP? - What service did you use, and what did the final product look like?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      smilebox does not let you add music unless you pay for their premium service...

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      amazing stuff thanx :)

    • profile image

      philipcott 5 years ago