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How to Create a Craze on Youtube for Dummies

Updated on April 29, 2013

Create a Popular Youtube Video

If you are looking for some fun stuffs to do in your spare time, perhaps you should try film making. Unlike decades ago, film making is possible for everyone thanks to the advancing technology in film making.

You can just get started with a cheap camcorder but it should be in digital formats (you can hardly find analog now). You don't even need a bulky film editing equipment as everything could be done on your computer; all you need is just a movie editing software and you are ready to go.

And you also do not really need a high speed computer with high powered memory (although it is highly recommended) for your small projects. Finally, you can then use YouTube, the world most high traffic video site to broadcast your creation.

Before you start creating your videos, please note that YouTube does impose size and content restrictions for each video that you upload to its site. Don't let this restriction to limit you cause making short videos can be a lot of fun too

First thing that you need to do before start recording with your camcorder is getting clear of what you want to produce, you don't want to flounder around with an idea that is too abstract or bring no meaning. In case if you are lacking of idea, why don't you just look around YouTube and see how other people do it.

Examine those videos that are particular more popular. You might also want to learn some basics video production and storytelling skill. These will help you to come up with a plan that works out well and saves you heck a lot of time.

What Can I Do with YouTube Videos?

What you want to do with your video project is totally up to you, as long as you follow YouTube rules and restrictions, there will certainly be no problem for you. Like I said you can figure out what you can do by looking around YouTube.

Just type in any topic in the search bar and you will get the video results. Some are good, some are not but there are certainly out there for anyone that wants to watch them.

No one knows the definite factors that determine how popular a video could be as there are some with are bad ones that get a lot of hits while other which are great, get very little. It just matter of luck and depends entirely on the topic that you choose.

Certainly, funny and weird videos will surely get you lots more hits. If you are not getting good results with your creation, don't get discouraged, try harder next time as you might hit it right. Besides, there are already a lots of videos uploaded onto YouTube and yours might be little harder to be found.

Youtube Video Keywords and Title

The most crucial thing that you must not ignore when uploading your videos are the keywords and title factors. You need to know a bit about these as there are the things that you need to add to your videos when uploading to the site.

Have a plain and simple title but make sure that it is eye catchy. Creative is always good but it might be hard for unique and abstract titles to come up in the search. People might not even use the term to search your video.

Keywords should be directly related to the content of your YouTube video. You might have to think about every aspect of your video on YouTube to capture the very best and popular keywords

If you are uploading a funny home video, make sure that you use these terms in your keywords. Think about the objects that are highlighted in your video.

For example, you can use funny boy, funny dad, accident, funny cat or just anything else that would describe what is in your video. People search for a specific video by using keywords just like above, so they are one of the reasons that your creation will be found. Use them wrongly, your video will not be found.

Youtube Video Keywords
Youtube Video Keywords


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