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Mdo and Hdo plywood grade prices (cost) for banners and constructional purposes

Updated on July 18, 2011

mdo plywood

Earlier days for shuttering purposes sawn timber was used. As the time goes the sawn timber deformed and warped and twisted because of varying moisture and chemicals present in cement and concrete. So, alternative found, in the form wood based products. This wood based products like plywood and blockboard has been used for constructional purposes. It has not given longlasting life. Both plywood and blockboard are delaminated or deformed due to the glue used has it's own limitations. 

Then came speciality plywood which can withstand boiling water proof test. This is type of plywood made out of thermosetting glue of phenol formaldehyde. It had it's own disadvantages due to the surface. To replace this type of plywood the resin coating given . This started giving good results with its limitations.


made out of mdo plywood

lady dragonfly
lady dragonfly

phenolic film faced plywood

Then came phenolic film faced plywood. This type of plywood made with water proof grade phenolic glue. Then it has been refaced with phenolic film. That is why it is called as phenolic film faced plywood. Even nowadays also , the phenolic film faced plywoods being used for constructional purposes. Both the plywood and phenolic film facing done by hotpressing. 

mdo plywood

later came mdo plywood.This mdo plywood means plywood with medium density overlay. This overlay comes with paper based phenolic resin coating. Because it is called as medium density overlay it has limited thickness of coating.Even same like phenolic film faced plywood, this mdo plywood also hot pressed . Because of it's smooth surface comparing phenolic film it is been used for banners and sign board which can be placed outside. Because of the density it is been considered equivalent to steel. 

Apart from this it can be used for constructional purposes for shuttering. Comparing to phenolic film faced plywood, mdo plywood has longer life. That means we shall use this mdo plywood for shutteing purposes no of times than phenolic film faced plywood.

hdo plywood

There comes hdo plywood. The plywood refaced with high density overlay. This ovelay called high density because of coating thickness of phenolic resin. Not only that even fibre based overlay also made. Like mdo , hdo also can be used for banners and signboards , because of its smoothness and easy to paint.Even for constructional as well as for shuttering to get smooth finish.

Apart from this boat building done with both mdo and hdo plywood, which act as water proof material.Being plywood easy to bend and finishing can be smooth as well.


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