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Medialink Wireless N Router Review

Updated on May 14, 2015

The Medialink Wireless N Router

When it comes to buying a router, then clearly there are a number of them currently on the market and this does mean that you are rather spoilt for choice when looking to buy one. The key is to spend time looking at them in a bit more detail prior to spending money and what follows is some information on a Medialink Wireless N Router that comes complete with 150 Mbps data transfer and a wavelength of 2.4GHz.

Wireless Router
Wireless Router

Wireless N Router Technical Information

It is always useful to begin by looking at the product itself in more detail before moving on to noting its positives and negatives and in the case of a router there are key areas that we need to focus on to help you decide if this actually is the product for you. As was stated earlier, this particular router comes with 150 Mbps wireless data transfer rates and a 2.4GHz wavelength and the other main figure that you might want to know is that it supports 802.11n adapters.

Other main points to be aware of is that the wire transfer rate is 10/100 Mbps and the antenna is internal with this particular Medialink wireless N router. The item also comes with up to date security protocols and encryption and this just helps to make you feel more secure about using it as there is less chance of people being able to get in and spy on what you are doing. In regard to the security features, it does offer you both routing and firewall protocols as well as WiFi protected setup and it is clear that the manufacturer has put a lot of time and effort into developing this part of the product as they clearly know how important security is to most people.

Finally, it is worth noting that it is certified by Microsoft themselves and indeed it is compatible with their various operating systems as well as both the Mac versions and also the Linux operating program. This does mean that you should not have any problems in setting it up with your computer and indeed in order to make life even easier it comes with an EZ connect setup wizard with this allowing you to get it working even if your knowledge on routers is very limited.

Wireless N Router
Wireless N Router

Positive Aspects To The Medialink Wireless Router

The product description does make this Medialink Wireless N Router sound impressive, but it is important to look beyond the description and find out what it is like to use on an everyday basis. In order to do this it is best to see what previous owners think of the product and what is immediately clear is that the vast majority of people are very happy with their purchase.

When it comes to the positives, then one of the main things is that you will get it working straight out of the box as setting it up really could not be any easier and this does make it different to other routers out there that just seem to make life difficult for no apparent reason. Another positive is the speed at which it operates as you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly even large files can be downloaded via this router as you would often expect to have to pay a lot more to get something that works as fast as this model.

It is also worth noting that the signal is not dropped too often and if you are having any problems either in setting it up or using it in general, then the overwhelming feeling is that the Medialink customer service really is about the best out there. The size of the router itself is also a winner and you can even mount it on the wall to get it off your desk although when it is working you will hardly notice it is there anyway.

Medialink Wireless Router Video Review

Medialink Router
Medialink Router

Possible Issues With The Medialink Wireless N Router

It is normal for a product to have something that could be classed as a negative and this particular Medialink router is no different. Perhaps the main complaint is that it is a bit too small and not powerful enough if you want it to transmit a signal from the other side of your house and it does mean that you need to stay within approximately 25 feet in order to really get the benefit. This is perhaps quite a petty complaint, but it does limit your ability to roam and if you keep this in mind, then it will not cause too much of a problem. Apart from this, it can handle a couple of devices at the one time and there are no other major complaints and any further negative comments are largely down to the individual doing something wrong rather than a problem with the router.

N Router
N Router

Conclusion - Medialink Wireless N Router

Overall, it has to be said that if you are looking for the best budget wireless router, then this particular Medialink Wireless Router is certainly one that you should seriously consider buying. It is fast, very easy to set up, and is small enough that it does not take up too much space and as long as you do not stray throughout your entire home you should not really have too many problems with it whatsoever. The fact that it is compatible with the different operating systems and that the security features play a prominent part does also mean that you should have no fear of using it to go online and can forget about the chances of somebody hacking in as you browse the internet.

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      nice lens! well detailed


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