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miFrame iPad Dock, Stand and 8x10 Digital Photo Frame - Modern Aluminum iPad 1 Accessory

Updated on April 30, 2011

There is no end to the types and styles of iPad docks and stands available. Some are more creative than others and some are merely functional. The miFrame iPad Dock – Digital Photo Frame – iPad Stand can be used in numerous ways.

It is a picture frame for any ordinary 8x10 photo with an acrylic photo cover that resembles a piece of glass. It is a digital picture frame that uses an iPad to display digital photos. It is a docking station for an iPad and it is also serves as an iPad stand. Displays can be in portrait or a landscape orientation.

The original charging/sync cable that came with your iPad is utilized by the miFrame. Plug it into an electrical outlet to charge the iPad and into a computer to sync the iPad. An extra long cable (1.5 meters) is provided with the miFrame iPad Dock which allows for placement where you want it.

miFrame iPad Dock and Digital Photo Frame

When the miFrame is setup as a digital photo frame the first step is to set the iPad into the frame. That is accomplished by removing the aluminum picture frame bezel. Once removed it reveals a black plastic frame that is designed to hold the Ipad firmly in place. The aluminum frame bezel is replaced on the front of the miFrame sandwiching the iPad in between.

The iPad can then be used to show a single digital photo or a digital photo slideshow. If you need to send or receive email, surf the Internet or watch a movie your iPad can be right at home in the miFrame iPad Dock.

The miFrame iPad Dock is very stable. The base is wide and the Frame is heavy enough to withstand the weight and balance of the iPad. Rubber feet found on the bottom of the miFrame protects your furniture from scratches and provides non-slip stability while you use the iPad.

What Can You Do With The miFrame iPad Dock and 8x10 Digital Photo Frame?

Dock your iPad

Charge you iPad

Sync your iPad

Use your iPad as an 8x10 Digital Photo Frame

Use it as an Ipad Stand

Use your iPad as a Weather Station, Stock Ticker, alarm clock, or kitchen recipe device

Apps can be downloaded that makes it possible to use your iPad as a weather station, a stock ticker, an alarm clock or as any other numerous devices. Use it in the kitchen to display a digital recipe.

The miFrame looks good and matches other aluminum features of Apple products. It provides a safe and secure way to use an iPad in multiple variations. It is as much at home with an ordinary photo inside as it is with an iPad. The cost is less than most 8x10 digital photo frames. The miFrame is a modern addition to any décor and can extend the use of your iPad in any room you place it.


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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 6 years ago from USA

      Great suggestion about the password - thanks!

    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

      Yes, the iPad can certainly serve as a digital picture frame with slide show and transition effects. Many people don't know that. For security, you can set it so that it is locked with password. It will run the slideshow without password, but when a nosy visitor wants dismisses the slideshow to try to get into your iPad, the password is needed.