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Mini ITX Case Computer Could Save Your Desk Space

Updated on January 8, 2013
Mini ITX Case
Mini ITX Case

Computer in the form of Mini ITX has actually come quit a long way since the days when it was just a mere hobbyist product that marketed to cater only a selective few, particular technology geek and nerd. It was quite a tough journey in establishing this new computer form factor and manufacturers were taking risk in producing them in mass. With the smaller Mini ITX case, entire new form of motherboard has to be developed in order to fit it in.

At that time, computer motherboards, also known as main boards were huge beasts which required all that space to fit all kinds of computing add on accessories like graphic card, sound card, modem card and memory RAM. More slots were always better in case if you want to upgrade it later. But trust me, most people didn't bother to upgrade as long as it could function well.

And so, the Mini ITX case and system was designed to cater the needs of people who do not require a bulky system that does nothing other than filling up the space. We now could have systems that are tiny by comparison to the bulky ones, especially those that loved by gamers with all sorts of extreme graphic and sound cards; not forget to mention about the complicated cooling system too.

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Antec Mini Skeleton 90 mini-ITX case
Antec Mini Skeleton 90 mini-ITX case
Antec Mini Skeleton 90 mini-ITX case

With the raising popularity and people interest in the Mini ITX system, this form factor has become an entirely new range of computer model.

Manufacturers have come out with various designs of the Mini ITX case to meet the consumer needs; just as how they did to the normal ITX casing. On the left are some of the mini itx case designs which could be found in the market today. Mini ITX case is normally built in two shapes: cube and tower.

The down side of a mini ITX system is none other than the constraint of upgrading. You won't be able to upgrade the system as everything is built just enough to fit the existing system.

On top of that, unless you can do modifications on the system, mini ITX systems run on low power and resources processor known as Atom, by Intel. It is slower in term on computing capability but as mention it is not power hungry and thus, producing very little heat. Atom is also used to power up netbook computer, the smaller version of a mobile computer.

Well, if you do not need a resources hungry computer system, a mini ITX computer will definitely meets your needs. It keeps space usage and costs to a minimum but yet still able to provide the same functionality and computing capability that offer by the normal ITX system.


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  • profile image

    Jason Smith 6 years ago

    I'm not a gamer, that's why I have chosen a mini ITX system. Runs on Atom processor, it's nothing lesser than those running on more powerful cpu.