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Most Popular Antivirus

Updated on January 2, 2013

Study Findings on the Most Popular Antivirus

Pie chart showing the most popular antivirus software
Pie chart showing the most popular antivirus software | Source

Which Is the Most Popular Antivirus Software Out There?

The most popular antivirus software can be easily picked from reports but the most important consideration has to be reasons which make a specific antivirus have such commendable popularity among computer owners. In the very over crowded antivirus software market today and the ever growing incidences and reports of virus attacks; it is often a very difficult undertaking for many computer owners or internet users to find a good antivirus to take care of their cyber security needs.

Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics which endear a specific antivirus to different groups of computer owners and internet users. Besides knowing which antivirus software is popular, the qualities of a good antivirus should be the real attraction to the specific antivirus. The main point here has to do with knowing that the computer or devices that you possess and use are protected.

The qualities of any of the most popular antivirus and which will be chosen for installation in your personal computer are first and foremost it should not have any substantial complaints filed against it. Most important is that the antivirus must be very effective in the elimination of threats. Additionally, it must be easy to install and also easy and intuitive to use. The specific antivirus software should have a trial version which gives the opportunity for testing and which will offer certainty that it is indeed the antivirus for you.

The antivirus software must not consume much of the resources such that the system slows down considerably. It must also have the ability to update itself without drawing your attention. The less intrusive the antivirus is the more you are in a position to work more on the computer. Check if the most popular antivirus software has a guarantee or a money-back warranty if you are dissatisfied with its performance. This is a mark of trust and quality in the product. Last and not least, the antivirus must have the testing and certification from independent security testing labs.

A look at what many computer owners are purchasing and installing in their computers will precisely indicate the most popular antivirus software and perhaps the best the security industry can provide. The popularity of an antivirus is sometimes affected by whether it is offered as free software or it is offered as premium software.


The Most Popular Antivirus

The most popular antivirus in chronological order are; Avast! Free Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, Symantec, AVG Anti-Virus Free, Avira AntiVir Personal, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda and Comodo antivirus software. These are the most popular antivirus worldwide and have great success in stopping threats both in real time and when the need arises. It is paramount that you get the best protection to your computer by examining the features of each of these most popular antivirus software. It is only by weighing the pros and cons of these leading antivirus products that you can make the best choice for your security and that of the computer.

By a having an installed antivirus, you can rest assured that you are protected from the unfortunate incidences of being attacked by malware like the viruses, worms, Trojans and the many other schemes used by cyber criminals. Any of the above named most popular antivirus will offer good protection which must be accompanied by a bunch of other protective measures especially when accessing the internet.


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