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Most Popular Free Android Apps

Updated on December 23, 2012



The Most Popular Free Android Apps This Past Year

Finding the most popular free android apps can be a very huge task. It would actually turn into a full time job trying to keep up with the latest and perhaps the best android apps there are today. There are thousands upon thousands of android apps already out there and even more being developed every day. The ranking of the most popular free android apps is a very momentary undertaking since the popularity of android apps changes periodically as more apps get released and other apps play musical chairs on the popularity ranking.

Most Popular Free Android Apps Found On Google Play

The biggest reservoir for the most popular free android apps is Google play and all the apps are geared towards offering some of the best performance on the android platform and to android users. The ranking in popularity has only been based on the most popular free android only. The only downside to the popularity ranking has to be incompatibility and fragmentation issues which arise from the fact that the Android platform is evolving and devices may have different versions of android.

The open source nature of this Google OS gives a fantastic and wide range of options. And having noted that the majority of the popular apps here are free, read through this list of most popular free android apps.



Seesmic is just a favorite for social media aficionados. It ranks highly among the most popular free android apps. The popularity continues to grow even with the twitter own brand app getting released. It is a widget with an extremely well designed to supports multiple accounts and to show the latest tweets.

Facebook app


The Facebook for android app is a stable app which has in recent times been improved to support inbox and communication in almost real time. It is simple in its access and use of Facebook. The popularity of Facebook obviously works to make it appear on the most popular free android apps list.

The Hotmail app another of the most popular free android apps has been developed by Seven a developer working closely with Microsoft. It offers an option to email through a simple interface and which has notification support. It is possible to manage numerous hotmail accounts.

The Google Sky Map is one very good app which is able to provide very accurate representations through the use of the orientation tools provided on the phone. Just by pointing the phone to the sky, it is able to tell the consternations and other bodies seen like planets, comet among others.



Google goggles is also among the most popular free android apps and helps people to read QR codes allowing easy and quick access to other apps and data which has been embedded in the little data squares.



Foursquare has become a social media darling and is one of the finest and most popular free android apps. Certainly among the most popular free android apps It integrates Google maps and which are offered as a Google branded experience. The app offers a very easy check in and clicking once on shortcuts creates of favorite places.

Winamp as one of the most popular free android apps provides support for iTunes, streaming options, Mac syncing, streaming options and a release list and all these from a fine media player which is able to integrate radio support.

The WordPress for android app is full of very good features and integrates well with all other apps. With the app, an individual can spin web content and through the app use it to update the WordPress website.



Samsung ChatOn is an excellent messaging tool which is unlike any other on android. Its features makes it the best way to keep in touch with people through image sharing, drawing and social networking features guarantee that it constantly appears among the most popular free android apps.

Amazon android app


The Amazon android app incorporates easy and straightforward use. The one click system permits signing in with your account details. The full shopping cart feature ensures that the app is the complete package.

BBC News app is another of the most popular free android apps and employs a grid based page which swipes to change or choose between stories in the specialist category. The Home screen widgets and the ability to submit news tips make BBC interactive like a blog screaming for content.

Google Navigation


And among the most popular free android apps, Google Maps Navigation is a must have. It offers such good turn by turn voice navigation and by being aesthetic to the car’s dashboard, then it is perhaps more appealing to satnavs. It is accurate and will work even when signal drops. It is compatible with version 1.6 and above of android.

The Evernote app offers a good solution for back up and when synced to voice memos, files, and text notes offers the ideal place to stash all your information. Access is done even on a desktop computer adding to its appeal among the most popular free android apps.

The Flickr app is very good for photography lovers and will allow an individual to capture photos and filters as well. It has been designed to enable sharing on twitter and Facebook so that photos are shared with friends.



The Blogger app furthers the presence of the Google-owned platform. It is simple, supports image uploads and geo-tagging and imports the settings of all blogs associated with your Gmail account. The fancy editing of the positions of your photos is not enabled but it works just alright.

Accurately among the most popular free android apps, the Kindle app is a fantastic e-reader and is seamlessly linked to your Amazon account. It is specifically targeted at the publications which are in Android-friendly format. But for books, it is just too good with plenty of screen and text display options.

Most Popular Free Android Apps in 2012

What's Your Most Popular Free Android Apps

This is just an objective list of some of the most popular free android apps. The list is not conclusive and consideration is taken that individual choice, hobbies and preferences differ. Any feedback would be appreciated to learn what android app has been a game changer for you. Feel welcome to add on the comment section your most popular free android apps that don’t make to the above list.


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