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Chic Mouse Pads That Look Like Persian Rugs ~ Mouse Rugs !

Updated on January 26, 2015

The Classiest Mouse Pad Ever !

I was shopping around in Amazon for a new mouse pad. There are so many different kinds.......round, square, rectangle, wrist rest, no wrist rest, fabric, plastic, on and on. I spent quite a while looking at them without making a decision. My office area is a part of the house, in an alcove off my kitchen, by the family room, so I try to keep it straightened up and accessorized to go with the decor.

My current mouse pad was a promotional giveaway that I had gotten last year at work and it was yellow with bright green letters on it with the company name. It was an eyesore and I was tired of looking at it, (hence my online shopping trip) While flipping around in Amazon, I saw what looked like a Persian style rug. I thought it was odd that it would be mixed in with the mouse pads so I took a closer look and imagine my surprise when I saw that it was a mouse pad ! Beautifully vibrant colors and real fringe ! I thought they were really cool, but I wondered how it would hold up under daily use, so I decided to read the customer reviews. I was pleased and surprised at the good, solid reviews that the pads received. One of the reviews I read talked about the matching coasters and book marks, so I looked for them and found them also on Amazon. They also looked like tiny Persian rugs. I was totally charmed ! I ordered a matching set and a bookmark that also matched.

When they arrived, I was ecstatic ! They were such good quality, soft and pretty and so realistic looking. They really looked like small Persian rugs. I put them on my desk and they looked great. I really liked the coaster, it is absorbent and if your glass sweats, it keeps the droplets from making a mess on your desk. I really could not be more pleased.

That's why I decided to make this lens. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

~ rug photo courtesy of Graphic made by Jade.

Lextra Tabriz Heriz Mouse Rug - This is the Pattern I Got

This mini Persian-look rug is actually a mouse pad ! Adds a classic look to any desk and shows great personal style . This rug is made of washable nylon fibers, is permanently laminated to a real rubber base and has real fringe.

This is the one I got for my desk at work!

Since my desk is black, this rug was perfect! It looks so classy and fits right in. I get so many compliments on it, three of my co-workers have ordered their own rugs, one got the coaster and mouse pad set. It really makes the work space look better and more pulled together.

Beautiful Mouse Rugs Other Than Oriental

These mouse rugs are so beautiful, they are totally different than the Persian Oriental rug look. There are Indian blanket style, large florals, squares and southwestern accent. These will go with so many types of decor. Anything from modern to contemporary would be perfect.

Huge Selection!

Any Decor You Have

Any Style You Like

Mouse Rugs Have It!

Animal Print Mouse Rugs.

Looking for something a bit wilder? Something that will show off your personality? This is it:

Animal Print Mouse Rugs!

These will look awesome on your desk and will show the world that even though you have class, you also have another surprisingly wild!

Coaster Rugs - Set of 4 for one low price

Made by Lextra Fiber Graphics the top layer of these coasters are made of nylon fibers, in gorgeous old time patterns, some licensed from famous museums. The gorgeous top layer is permanently bonded to the bottom layer which is latex rubber. This attention to detail makes these coasters some of the worlds most beautiful and absorbent. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, spills wipe right up and "sweating" from glasses is soaked up, protecting your furniture. Four to a package, they have real fringe on them to complete their oriental rug look. Washable.

Informational Video on Coasters

Bookmarker Rugs - Look Like Tiny Runners - Awesome Bookmarkers !

Made by Lextra, these bookmarks are made in a similar manner to the mouse pads. Soft nylon fibers in classic patterns adorn the front while a tough urethane core makes them extremely durable, and the back is rubberized to prevent slippage. Well made to last for a very long time and they are washable !

Mouse Pad and Coaster Sets

These sets include a matching coaster and mouse pad. Perfect for your desk at work, or at home. Also makes a fabulous gift for co-workers, your boss, or anyone that prefers accessories that are a step above the ordinary.

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What Do You Think Of Mouse Rugs ? - and This Lens ?

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  • chi kung profile image

    chi kung 4 years ago

    It's incredible what ideas people come up with! but the world is never stopping - would like to know how many people actually buy them

    by the waz the rugs are gorgeous :)

  • LaptopLeader profile image

    LaptopLeader 4 years ago

    Now those are some super cool mouse rugs. Wow! :O

  • tonybonura profile image

    Tony Bonura 5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

    The rugs and some of the other items are really great looking. I just think that they are a little too much money for a mouse pad especially since I use a wireless mouse. But then again, I think that just about everything costs more than it should cost. :-) I guess I never got over the culture (and price tag) shock when I returned from serving overseas in SE Asia.

  • Patricia Meadows profile image

    Patricia Meadows 5 years ago

    These are great! My mousepad is years old and I'm in the market to buy a new one.

  • Jadelynx-HP profile image

    Tracey Boyer 5 years ago from Michigan

    @Terrie_Schultz: I avoided that problem by vacuuming mine with a Dustbuster, weekly when I dusted my desk. :)

  • Jadelynx-HP profile image

    Tracey Boyer 5 years ago from Michigan

    @marsha32: It's just a mouse pad that looks like a

  • profile image

    marsha32 5 years ago

    I didn't know there was such a thing as a mouse rug

  • profile image

    Terrie_Schultz 5 years ago

    I think these mouse rugs are beautiful but I had one and it got lint in my mouse and I had to keep taking the mouse apart and cleaning it, so I finally had to give up on the mouse rug.

  • LisaDH profile image

    LisaDH 5 years ago

    I had no idea they made mini Persian rugs for your computer mouse. Love it!